Illustration by Charles Leon ("Chalk") Finch  

Our particular branch of the Finch family has been successfully traced back to the birth of  John Finch, who left his native England in search of a new life, setting sail for a America in 1630.  

A tremendous amount of  appreciation is extended to Ora F. Finch and Charles L. Finch, who, without the benefit of modern means, researched and created our first "Finch Family Tree".  That original document was published in the Indianapolis News, October 3, 1920, and has been amended over the years to include genealogical data spanning dates 1595 to 2005.  The information passed down from Ora and Charles Finch has proved indispensable with respect to continued research of our family's history, and it is only through  their individual contributions that a more complete record has now been created.    

This site is dedicated in memory of my parents: Richard Bird Finch and Wanda Ruth Dennison Finch, 
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May we be thoughtful students of those who have been, thoughtful teachers of those who are yet to be, 
               and ever mindful of the importance of leaving this world a little nicer than we found it. 

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Pedigree of Author:

(I) John FINCH 
(1595-1657) b. Essex (?), England
(II) Isaac FINCH  (1635-1702)
b. Stamford, Connecticut
(III) Abraham FINCH  (1665-1716)
b. Stamford, Connecticut 
(IV) Isaac FINCH  (1696-1748)
b. Fairfield, Connecticut
(V) Isaac FINCH  (1745- 1778)
b. Goshen, New York
(VI) John FINCH  (1767-1849)
b. New York
(VII) Jubal FINCH  (1790-1819)
b. New York 
(VIII) Robert FINCH  (1819-1907)
Lawrenceburg, Indiana
(IX) Leon FINCH  (1870-1938)
b. Prairie Green, Illinois
(X) Roscoe Wall FINCH  (1900-1941)
b. Frankfort, Indiana
(XI) Richard Bird FINCH  (1930-1995)
b. Greensburg, Indiana
(XII) Lydia Carol FINCH 
b. Indianapolis, Indiana  

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First Generation:

( I ) John Finch (1595 - 1657)
Born 1595 in Essex (?), England. 
[Believed to be the son of Abraham Finch, and brother of Abraham Jr. and Daniel Finch.] 
John Finch came to America in June / July 1630, arriving in Salem, Massachusetts aboard a vessel
of the Winthrop Fleet, and led by the flagship, "Arbella".  Traveling with John Finch, during this
"Great Emigration" was his father, Abraham Sr., and brothers,  Abraham Jr., and Daniel.
In 1630, this Finch family group settled in Watertown, Massachusetts where, (per Governor Winthrop),
Abraham Sr.'s wigwam and worldly goods were destroyed by fire in September of that year. 
By 1634, having taken the oath and become "Freemen", Abraham Finch Sr., Abraham Jr. and Daniel 
Finch relocated to Wethersfield, Connecticut, where each took up residence on the east side of Broad 
Street.  It is unclear whether John Finch ever owned property in Wethersfield, CT., though he certainly 
did in Stamford, which was then considered a colony of Wethersfield.  
Abraham Sr., commonly known as "Ould Finch", took up residence just south of Thomas Olcott, of 
Hartford, CT.  Near Abraham Sr.'s homestead was that of son, Daniel Finch who was appointed 
Wethersfield's first constable in 1631.  Just north of Daniel's residence, was the home of Abraham Jr.
Abraham Finch Jr. was killed October 30, 1637 in the Wethersfield Massacre by Massutunck 
(alias Nepaupuck)
, a Pequot War Chief.  Nepaupuck was tried, convicted and on October 29, 
1639, beheaded  for the murder of Abraham Finch Jr., a Swaine family daughter "and others".  
At the time of his death, Abraham Finch Jr. had a wife, Dorothy (Moulton) and a son also named 
Abraham.  Young Abraham Finch (III) was soon after adopted by his grandfather, Abraham Sr. and 
eventually inherited his father Abraham Jr.'s 10 acres of land on Broad Street.  
(Will administered in September of 1840.)

As for what we know of John Finch....
"November 7, 1632, at Boston, John Finch fined for wanting Arms for his man and for being 
absent himself from training."
John's first wife (name?) died before 1634, sometime after the birth of their child (John Finch Jr.)
See record of marriages Online: 
John Finch married his 2nd wife, Martha Brett in 1634 - Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts.  
Martha was born in England, and alleged to have arrived in 1630 aboard the "Arbella". 
" John was a proprietor of Watertown in 1636-38, being granted 4 acres on February 26, 1636, 
4 more acres on February 26, 1637 and 91 acres April 1638."  

By 1642 John Finch was living in Stamford, Connecticut where he was assigned 6 acres of marsh and 
upland and served in the Stamford Train Band" [Militia].
John Finch died September 5, 1657, (age 62) Fairfield County - Stamford, Connecticut.  
"The inventory of his estate was filed in Stamford February 9, 1658, and found him with a net 
estate of only 23 pounds."

"History of Ancient Wethersfield" (p.66-67 and 268-269)
"Finch and Ashley: American Frontiersmen 1630-1977"
Wethersfield Historical Society
The Winthrop Society

Children Of ( I ) John Finch and 1st wife, (Name?)

1.  John Finch (cir.1625 - 1685)
    Born cir.1625
    Married Hannah Marsh Fuller - November 8, 1652
    Died June 16, 1685 In Huntington, Long Island New York.

Children Of ( I ) John Finch and 2nd wife, Martha Brett

2. ( II ) Isaac Finch 
(1635 - 1702)
Born 1635 in Stamford Connecticut
Married 1.) Elizabeth Ann Bassett October 1, 1658 in Stamford, Fairfield County, Connecticut.
Elizabeth Ann Bassett was born c. 1638 in New Haven, Ct., the daughter of John and Margery Bassett.
Elizabeth Ann Bassett died in 1677, Stamford, Fairfield, CT. 
Married 2.) Hannah (Anne) Webb abt. 1680 in Stamfort, Fairfield CT.
Hannah Webb was born abt. 1635, and died November 9, 1703.
(NOTE: Family Tree incorrectly states that Isaac Finch “Landed in Stamford Connecticut 1678”)
Isaac Finch died November 23, 1702 (age 67) Stamford, Connecticut.

3. Samuel Finch  (1638 - 1698)
Born 1638, Stamford, CT.
Married Sarah Hoyt, daughter of Simon Hoyt and Susanna. Smith. 
Sarah Hoyt was born abt. 1646 and died March 19, 1712.
Samuel Finch died April 23, 1698 in Stamford Connecticut (age 60)
NOTE:  Samuel Finch family information provided courtesy of Carleton Finch

Children of Samuel Finch and Sarah Hoyt:

                            Joseph Finch
Born abt. 1677 in Stamford, CT.
                            Married Abigail Seeley on August 7, 1703 in Stamford, CT.
                            Abigail Seeley, daughter of Obadiah Seeley, was born abt. 1763
                            in Stamford, CT., and died December 18, 1752.
                            Joseph Finch died December 16, 1752.
                            [NOTE: Joseph Finch family record on file at]

                            Children of Joseph Finch and Abigail Seeley:

                                                                   Joseph Finch
                                                                   Benjamin Finch
                                                                   Elizabeth Finch

                            Sarah Finch
Born in Stamford CT.
Died January 16, 1750-51 in Stamford, CT.

                            Samuel Finch Jr.
Born abt. 1666 in Stamford, CT.
                            Married Sarah Gold on December 5, 1692 in Stamford, CT.

                            Martha Finch
Born abt. 1669 in Greenwich, CT
                            Died abt. 1711 in Greenwich, CT.

                            Susanna Finch
Born abt. 1672 in Stamford, CT.
                            Died after 1711 in Stamford, CT,

                            Rachel Finch
Born abt. 1674 in Stamford, CT.

[Children of  John Finch and Martha Brett continued]

4. Joseph Finch Sr
.  (1640 - 1714)
Born November 23, 1640 Greenwich Connecticut
Married (1) Nov. 23, 1670 at Stamford, Elizabeth Austin, daughter of John and Catherine Austin.
Married (2) c. 1697, Ruth (Hardy) Mead, widow of John Mead Jr.
Joseph Sr. died March 12, 1714 (age 74) in Greenwich, Connecticut
Children of Joseph Finch Sr. and Elizabeth Austin. 

                        Joseph, Finch 
                        Born ca. 1675

                        Samuel, Finch 
                        Born c.1677
                        Died 1728, Greenwich
                        Married c. 1713 to Mary (Whelpley) Marshall, daughter of Jonathan Whelpley and 
                        widow of Samuel Marshall.
                        Children of Samuel Finch and Mary (Whelpley) Marshall.

                                                Mary Finch 
                                                Born Dec. 4, 1715 (?)

                                                Hannah Finch 
                                                Born Feb. 6, 1716-17

                                                Mercy Finch 
                                                Born Sep. 6, 1718
                                                Married Nathan Lockwood Jr.

                                                Samuel Finch 
                                                Born July 12, 1721

                                                Elizabeth Finch 
                                                Born Aug. 7, 1725

                                                Jeremiah Finch 
                                                Born March 17, 1727
                                                (Note: Jeremiah Finch family record on file at

                                                Abigail Finch

                                                Deborah Finch
                                                Married Jonathan Garnsey

[Children of Joseph Finch Sr. and Elizabeth Austin, continued]

                        Jonathan, Finch 
                        Born c. 1679

                        Benjamin, Finch 
                        Born c. 1682

                        Abigail Finch

                        Elizabeth Finch

                        Sarah Finch

                        Martha Finch

[Children of  John Finch and Martha Brett continued]

5. Martha Finch

6. Abraham Finch
Born Approx. 1648

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                                    Children of ( II ) Isaac Finch and wife 1.) Elizabeth Bassett

                                                  1. John Finch  (1659 - 1702)
Born September 20, 1659
                                                      Died March 17, 1702 (age 43)

                                                  2. Isaac Finch (1662 - ?)
                                                      Born April 12, 1662.
                                                      Married Mary Rundle, daughter of William and Abigail (Tyler) 
                                                      Rundle, on April 27, 1704.

                                                  3. ( III ) Abraham Finch  (1665 - 1716)
                                                      Born July 5, 1665 Fairfield County - Stamford, Connecticut
                                                      Married Martha Couch in 1695 Fairfield, Connecticut.
                                                      Martha Couch, was born Sept. 13, 1669 in Fairfield, CT.
                                                      She was the daughter of Simon and Hannah Couch, and 
                                                      died Sept. 8, 1725, Goshen, Orange County, New York. 
                                                      Martha renewed her covenant at Christ Church, Fairfield, CT.
                                                      Abraham Finch died in 1716 (age 51) Goshen, Orange County 
                                                      New York.  Burial place, 1st Presbyterian Churchyard.  Recorded 
                                                      as first adult interment.  
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                                                  4. Elizabeth Finch  (1669 - 1692)
                                                      Born November 14, 1669
Married Jonathan Pettit c. 1687
John Pettit was born Feb 23, 1656 in Stamford, Fairfield CT.
                                                      and died abt. 1720 Bedford, Worcester, New York.
Elizabeth Finch died 1692, Bedford, Worcester, New York

                                                  5. Martha Finch  (1672 - ?)
                                                      Born June 19, 1672 in Stamford, CT

                                    Children of ( II ) Isaac Finch and wife 2.) Hannah Webb

                                                  6. Rebecca Finch  ( abt.1682 - ?)
                                                      Born March 17, abt. 1682 - 3
                                                                        Included in Stamford Conn. Town Records  
                                                                        dated 4/6/1797 

                                                  7. Sarah Finch 
(1686 - ?)
Born November 23, 1686
                                                      Included in Stamford Conn. Town Records  
                                                                        dated 4/6/1797

                                                  8. Jacob Finch  (1691 - 1702)
Born October 9, 1691.
                                                                        Died February (April?) 15, 1702 (age 10)
                                                                        Included in Stamford Conn. Town Records  
                                                                        dated 4/6/1797


                                                  9. Benjamin Finch  (1695 - ?)
Born June 29, 1695 
                                                                        Included in Stamford Conn. Town Records  
                                                                        dated 4/6/1797
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Children of ( III ) Abraham Finch and wife, Martha Couch

1. ( IV ) Isaac Finch  (1696 - 1748 / 49)
Born September 16, 1696 in Fairfield, Connecticut
: 13 Sep. 1696, Christ Church - Fairfield, Fairfield County, Connecticut.
Married Martha (?) in (?) Martha was born approx. 1703.
Owned 100 acres at Wawayanda, Orange County New York on the Monhagen Creek.
Historical Note: July 27, 1721, deed setting aside land for location of a blacksmith shop
signed by Isaac Finch and others.
Built the first flower and saw mill in the settlement.
It is said that Isaac Finch suffered from debilitating lung disease, which left him 
an invalid from around the time his daughter Hannah was born (1732).
Isaac Finch died in Goshen, Orange County New York  between June 15th 1748 
(the date his will was drawn) and April 18, 1749 (the date his will was probated)  
(age 52-53). 

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2. Nathaniel Finch  (? - ?)
Children:  Hannah Finch
                   (Born 1720 in Florida, Orange County, New York)

                   Daniel Finch
                  ( Born 1731 in Florida, Orange County, New York)

3. Elizabeth Finch  (1698-?)  
Born may 15, 1698.

4. Solomon Finch  (1700 - ?)
    Born 1700

5. Others (as documented in Finch Family Tree)

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                                                      Children of ( IV ) Isaac Finch and wife, Martha

1. ( V ) Isaac Finch
(1720s - 1790 ? )
American Revolution           Born between 1720 and 1727 in Goshen, Orange County, 
                                                           New York.
                                                           Married Amy Kinney, who was born April 17, 1742. 
                                                           Amy Kinney died (?).
                                                           Lived in the Pittston District,  Luzerne County, Pennsylvania.
                                                           July 14, 1777, Isaac Finch purchased a mill seat on the 
                                                           Lackawanna River, from a committee of proprietors consisting 
                                                           of Abraham Harding, Daniel Cass and Isaiah Halstead.  (The 
                                                           purchase amount was £130.)  On February 12, 1790 a portion 
                                                           of this same land was sold by Isaac Finch to Dr, William Hooker 
                                                           Smith, witnessed by Jesse Gardner and John Davidson.  
                                                           On July 3, 1778, at the time of the Wyoming Valley Massacre, 
                                                           Isaac Finch and family were said to have been in Pittston Fort 
                                                           (also known as "Fort Brown") which was located on the east 
                                                           side of the Susquehanna river.  
                                                           Per page 79 of "Historical Map of PA.", (published in 1875) 
                                                           Captain Jeremiah Blanchard commanded at Fort Brown where 
                                                           Isaac Finch was listed (among others) as an inmate.  This account
                                                           negates claims that Isaac was in Forty Fort, (on the west side of
                                                           the Susquehanna river), during the battle.
                                                           It is further believed that following the battle, Isaac Finch and 
                                                           family retreated to Orange County New York, where they took 
                                                           shelter with relatives residing there.
                                                           On the day of the Wyoming Valley Massacre, Isaac Finch was 
                                                           considered a "defender" of Fort Brown, which according to 
                                                           DAR standards, qualifies him as having performed "Patriotic 
                                                           Service", though not "Military Service".  In addition, after having
                                                           relocated to New York, Isaac Finch is said to have provided 
                                                           monetary donations toward the war effort, which by DAR 
                                                           standards, also qualifies as an act of "Patriotic Service".
                                                           Isaac Finch is believed to have died abt. 1790 in Wyoming 
                                                           Valley, Pittston Township, Luzerne County, PA.
                                                           Quit claim dated February 16, 1790, deeds a portion of 
                                                           (deceased) Isaac Finch's mill seat from Samuel Finch of Kingston,
                                                           Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania to William Hooker Smith Esquire. 
                                                           On December 12, 1792, son, Isaac Kinney Finch was 
                                                           appointed administrator of (this) Isaac Finch's estate. 
                                                           On March 29, 1793 the estate of Isaac Finch was officially 
                                                           closed, after a portion of the deceased Isaac's mill seat property
                                                           was sold to son, Moses Finch of Minisink, New York.
                                                           The burial site of Isaac Finch is to date, unknown.
                                                           Counter to the above, family sources indicate that Isaac Finch
                                                           did indeed die July 3, 1778 in the Wyoming Valley Massacre, 
                                                           though though there is no official documentation to support this
                                                           claim, nor is Isaac Finch's name included on the battle monument 
                                                           along Route 11, in Luzerne County, PA.
                                                           Per "Flowing Stream" by Florence Finch Kelley, (page 5);
                                                           "... dates from 1778 and the Valley of the Wyoming, where
                                                           then were living Isaac Finch, my great-grandfather, and 
                                                           his brother John and their families.  They were both 
                                                           fighting with the Colonial troops and both were killed in 
                                                           the massacre when the prosperous little colony was 
                                                           attacked and ravaged by British and Indian forces, its
                                                           inhabitants slaughtered, its homes burned, and those who 
                                                           were able to make their escape did so only by instant flight."  
                                                           (page 6) "...Amy Kinney, wife of Isaac, who, knowing that
                                                           her husband had been killed in the massacre and that the 
                                                           only safety for their children was in immediate escape, 
                                                           hurriedly bundled into a wagon her household goods and 
                                                           her nine sons, among them the six- months-old Solomon, 
                                                           who became my grandfather, and joined the flight of the
                                                            few remaining colonists.  They drove across country to the 
                                                           Finger Lakes region in central New York, where lived other 
                                                           Per "Biographical And Reminiscent History Of Richland Clay 
                                                           And Marion Counties, Illinois 1909" (page 212);
                                                           "On the 4th day of July, 1778, Amy Finch, The widow of 
                                                           Isaac Finch, with the aid of faithful servants, loaded her
                                                           household effects into a wagon drawn by a pair of oxen, 
                                                           and with all the children, excepting Isaac Finch and Amy 
                                                           Finch, who were visiting in Massachusetts, prepared to 
                                                           fly from the recent scene of the bloody carnival.  As the 
                                                           wagon was about to pull out, with all the household goods 
                                                           and children, a number of Indians seeing one of the servants 
                                                           standing by the wagon, with savage yells and flourishing 
                                                           tomahawks, dashed out his brains, bespattering with blood 
                                                           and brains, the five-months-old baby of the deceased Isaac 
                                                           Finch and his widow, who was lying upon the bed clothing 
                                                           in the wagon.  The name of this five-months-old baby was 
                                                           Solomon Finch, the last born.  The widow of Isaac Finch, 
                                                           together with these children, then took their departure from 
                                                           the scene of the massacre, and after many days of tedious, 
                                                           tiresome and dangerous travel, made their way though 
                                                           swamp and wilderness for some three hundred miles to 
                                                           Genesee County, New York, where they were finally given
                                                           shelter, food and clothing and abided until they were joined
                                                           by the son and daughter who had gone on a visit to 
                                                           Massachusetts.  They finally built them a house of logs and 
                                                           remained in this settlement for many years, and until the 
                                                           children were grown and married."
A will, however, probated March 29, 1793, and administered 
                                                           by son, Isaac Kinney Finch, indicates that this Isaac Finch died 
                                                           between  February 12, 1790 and December 1792 in Wyoming 
                                                           Valley, Pittston Township, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania.

                                                           "Biographical And Reminiscent History Of Richland Clay 
                                                           And Marion Counties, Illinois" 1909 (page 212) 
                                                           Battle Of Wyoming
                                                           Skip to the Children Isaac Finch and Amy Kinney.

                            2. Samuel Finch  (1725 - ?)
                       American Revolution        Born 1725
                                                          Married Helena Rozencranz in 1752.
                                                          Fought in and survived, “Battle Of Wyoming Valley Pennsylvania”
                                                          July 3rd 1778. (fought at age 53, rank of Private) Noted in Hendrick
                                                          B. Wright’s book “Historical Sketches of Plymouth, Luzerne
                                                          County Pennsylvania” page 174. Name included on monument
                                                          erected along Route 11 in Luzerne County - Wyoming, PA.
                                                          Battle Of Wyoming
                                                      3. Abraham Finch   (1727 - ?)
                                                          Born 1727 in Goshen, Orange County, New York.
                                                          Married Mary (?). 
                                                          Died abt. 1757.

                            4. Daniel Finch  (1730 - 1778)
                       American Revolution        Born 1730 in Goshen, Orange County, New York.
                                                          Married Mary (Finch?)  (widow of brother Abraham?).
                                                          Died July 3, 1778 in “Battle Of Wyoming Valley Pennsylvania
                                                          (age 48, rank of Private). Name included on monument erected
                                                          along Route 11 in Luzerne County - Wyoming, Pennsylvania.
                                                          Battle Of Wyoming 
                                                          (Skip to next child of ( IV ) Isaac and Martha Finch) 

                                                          Children of Daniel Finch and Mary (Finch?):

                                                                              Samuel Finch
                                                                              Born December 15, 1757 in Goshen, Orange 
                                                                              County, New York.
                                                                              Died March 6, 1838 in Lawrenceville, Tioga 
                                                                              County, Pennsylvania.
                                                                              Married Mary (Polly) King in New York.
                                                                              Mary was born July 26, 1770 in Bellville, NJ., 
                                                                              and died March 2, 1841 in Albion, Michigan.

                                                                              Children of Samuel Finch and Mary (Polly) King:

                                                                                              David Finch
                                                                                              Born June 27, 1788 in Pennsylvania.
                                                                                              Married Betsy Coykendall.

                                                                                              Children of David Finch and
                                                                                              Betsy Coykendall:

                                                                                                                David J. Finch

                                                                                                              David J. Finch
                                                                                                              Served in the Civil War, 189th
                                                                                                              Regiment, New York Infantry -
                                                                                                              Company I, rank of Private.
                                                                                                              Daughter Eva Jane Finch married 
                                                                                                              Brice Briggs Benson.

                                                                                                          Eva Jane Finch              Brice B. Benson

                                                                                                                Lafayette Finch
                                                                                                                Born March 1835 in Wyoming 
                                                                                                                County, N. Y.
                                                                                                                Married Cornelia Roberts.

                                                                                                                Children of Lafayette Finch 
                                                                                                                and Cornelia Roberts:

                                                                                                                          Florence Adelle Finch
                                                                                                                          Born May 19, 1867 in 
                                                                                                                          Middlebury, Wyoming County, 
                                                                                                                          New York. 

                                                          [Children of Daniel Finch and Mary (Finch?) continued]

                                                                              Loretta Finch
                                                                              Born 1763-4 in Goshen, Orange County, NY.
                                                                              Married Abraham Osborn abt. 1783.
                                                                              Abraham was born abt. 1758 in New York.
                                                                              Loretta Finch Osborn died in 1814 and is buried
                                                                               in Cement City Cemetery, Jackson County, Michigan.
                                                                              [See a photo of the gravesite]  Photo courtesy of 
                                                                               Deb Hayes-Wolfe.

                                                                              Daniel Finch
                                                                              Born 1769 in Goshen, Orange County, New York.
                                                                              Died August 15, 1841 in Ogden, Monroe County, NY.
                                                                              Married Phebe (Finch?) Nov. 4, 1811 in NY.
                                                                              Phebe died in 1845.

                                                                              Lydia Finch
                                                                              Born in 1772.
                                                                              Married David Wandle abt. 1793.
                                                                              David Wandle was born in 1759 and died in 1825.

                                                                              Asahel Finch
                                                                              Born Dec. 4, 1775 in Goshen, Orange County, NY.
                                                                              Married Elizabeth Gilbert before 1799 in NY.
                                                                              Elizabeth was the daughter of of Ebenezer Gilbert 
                                                                              and Ruth Carpenter.

                                                     (Children of ( IV ) Isaac Finch and wife, Martha continued)
                                                      5. Hannah Finch 
(1732 - 1827)
                                                          Born 1732 in Goshen, Orange County, New York.
                                                          Married John Williams in 1761.
                                                          Died October 11, 1827 in Union Indiana (age 95)

                             6. John Finch  (1735 - 1778)
                       American Revolution        Born 1735 in Goshen, Orange County, New York
                                                          Lived at Forty Fort, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania.
                                                          Was a Physician.
                                                          Married Christiana Carpenter. 
                                                          Christiana Carpenter was born abt.1740 in Jamaica, Queens, 
                                                          Long Island, New York.
                                                          John Finch died July 3, 1778 in the Wyoming Valley Massacre,  
                                                          (age 43, rank of Private). Per "Biographical And Reminiscent 
                                                          History Of Richland Clay And Marion Counties, Illinois 1909" 
                                                          (page 212); 
                                                          "He [John Finch] remained at to look after the families of his
                                                          brother Isaac and his own, and also their property; they were
                                                          then living in Wyoming Valley at Fort Forty."
                                                          John's name is included on monument erected along Route 11 in 
                                                          Luzerne County - Wyoming, PA.
                                                          NOTE: Following the death of John (and their son, Benjamin?), 
                                                          Christiana Carpenter Finch is said to have walked with her 
                                                          surviving children, back to Orange County, New York, a distance 
                                                          of approximately 100 miles. It is reported that they survived the 
                                                          trip on nothing more than wild berries.  
                                                          On January 10, 1779 (6 months after the Wyoming Massacre)
                                                          Christiana Carpenter Finch married Richard Woods, a farmer in 
                                                          Goshen, Orange County, New York. 
                                                          Christiana Carpenter Finch died July 29, 1825 in Orange County,
                                                          at the age of 86.
                                                          "Biographical And Reminiscent History Of Richland Clay 
                                                          And Marion Counties, Illinois 1909" (page 212)
                                                          (skip to the next child of (IV) Isaac and Martha Finch)  

                                                          Children of John Finch and Christian Carpenter:

                                                                       Hannah Finch (1760 - 1849)
Born 1760
                                                                       Was 18 years of age during the Battle Of 
                                                                       Wyoming Valley.
                                                                       Married Benjamin Carpenter Coleman July 25, 1780, 
                                                                       after returning to Orange County, New York
                                                                       with her mother.

                                                                       Benjamin Finch
                                                                       Born 1763.
                                                                       Died with father, John Finch
July 3, 1778 in the 
                                                                       Wyoming Valley Massacre (abt. age 15).
                                                                       Eyewitness accounts report that Benjamin was 
                                                                       scalped near Shoemaker’s Mill.

                                                                       Thaddeus Finch  (1764 - ?)
Born April 2, 1764.

                                                                       Isaac Finch (abt. 1765 - 1811)
                                                                       Born abt. 1765 in Orange County, NY.
                                                                       Died 1811 in Wantage, Sussex Co., NJ
                                                                       Married Eunice (Unis) Rosecrans in Clove 
                                                                       Church, Sussex, NJ.
                                                                       Eunice Rosecrans was born 1760 in England.
                                                                       Per a descendant's research notes:
                                                                       "Eunice spent her years as a widow with her 
                daughter and family.  They lived in Tompkins 
                                                                       County, NY until about 1834, when they 
                                                                       relocated to Yates, Orleans, NY.  Eunice 
                                                                       Rosecrans was buried, according to an article
                                                                      in the Aug. 1933 Lyndonville Enterprise, in a 
                                                                       private cemetery on the lakeshore property of 
                                                                       her daughter [Christian] and son-in-law. This 
                                                                       suggests that Eunice's date of death falls between 
                                                                        1834 and the next census in 1840."

                                                                       Children of Isaac Finch and Eunice Rosecrans:

                                                                                Jedediah Finch
                                                                                Born abt. 1781.
                                                                                Married Elizabeth Sweze, December 15, 1802
                                                                                in Sussex, New jesrsey. 

                                                                                Isaac Finch 
                                                                                Born October 21, 1789 in Wallkill, Orange 
                                                                                County, New York.
                                                                                Died April 11, 1863 (age 73). in Delaware County,
                                                                                Married Elizabeth Coykendall on April 9, 1814.
                                                                                Elizabeth Coykendall was born October 20, 1796 
                                                                                in Sussex County, NJ.  She was the daughter of 
                                                                                Harmon and Catherine (Beamer) Coykendall, and 
                                                                                died September 18, 1866 in Ohio.
                                                                                Moved to Ohio in abt. 1818 with their two children,
                                                                                Jesse & and Elizabeth, and entered land in Kingston 
                                                                               Note:  Jesse Finch family record on file at
                                                                               (Above information courtesy of, Jeanette Moore)
                                                                                Daniel Finch
                                                                                Born 1790.
                                                                                Died bef. 1745.
                                                                                Married Elizabeth Van Sickle on
Jan. 3, 1811 in Sussex County, NJ.
                                                                                Elizabeth was born1794.
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                                                                                Children of Daniel Finch and 
                                                                                Elizabeth Van Sickle:

                                                    Daniel Evans Finch 
Born 1819 in Delaware Co, OH.  
                                                    Died 1889 in Nevada, Story Co, IA.
                                                    Married Eliza Jane Doty.  
                                                    Eliza Jane was born 1823 Albany, 
                                                    NY. and died 1868 in IA.

                                                    Children of Daniel Evans Finch 
                                                    and Eliza Jane Doty

                                                Daniel Lambert Finch  
                                                Born1858 in Delaware Co, OH
                                                Died 1913 in CO.
                                                Married Ida May Clark in 1886
                                                Ida May Clark was born in 1863 
                                                in IA.

                                                Children of Daniel Lambert Finch and 
                                                Ida May Clark:

                                            Burnell Willis Finch 
                                            Born 1890 in IA. 
                                            Died 1953 in IL. 
                                            Married Flora Dora Otto.

                                            Children of Burnell Willis Finch 
                                            and Flora Dora Otto: 

                                                    William Elmer Finch 
Born 1913 in IL.

                                                    Children of William Elmer Finch:
                                                            Jean Ann Finch
                                                            Born 1941 in
                                                            Mt. Carmel, IL.

                                                                Children of Jean Ann Finch:

                                                              Martin D. Skelton

                                                                      [Children of Isaac Finch and Eunice Rosecrans continued:]

                                                                                Christian Finch  ("Christine", "Christina")
                                                                                Born abt. April 13, 1792. 
                                                                                Married David Coon August 25, 1810 in NJ.
                                                                                Christina Finch Coon died sometime after the 
                                                                                1870 census, in Avoca, Steuben, NY. where she 
                                                                                resided with her eldest son, Israel Coon.
                                                                                Note: David Coon family record on file at
                                                                                (Information courtesy of,  Sonja Wendt )

                                                                                Children of Christian Finch & David Coon:

                                                                                                            Eunice Coon
                                                                                                            Mathias Coon
                                                                                                            Susan Ann Coon
                                                                                                            Israel Coon
                                                                                                            Mary Coon
                                                                                                            George Coon
                                                                                                            Lemira Coon
                                                                                                            Rachel Coon
                                                                                                            Edward M. Coon


                                                                                John Finch
                                                                                Born abt. 1793.
                                                                                Married Elizabeth Cranston on November 25, 1815.
                                                                                Lived in Yates County, New York
                                                                                Skip to the next child of Isaac Finch and Eunice Rosecrans

                                                                                Children of John Finch and Elizabeth Cranston

                                                                                                            William Finch
                                                                                                            Lived in Michigan.

                                                                                                            Joseph R. Finch
                                                                                                            Born March 16, 1820 in Sussex 
                                                                                                            County, NJ.
                                                                                                            Died March 19, 1893 in Hartington, 
                                                                                                            Cedar, NE., and is buried in 
                                                                                                            Hartington City Cemetery. 
                                                                                                            Married Maria Matilda Vliet 
                                                                                                            abt. 1842 in Warren County,  NY.
                                                                                                           See: The History of Dupage County, 
                                                                                                           Illinois by by Rufus Blanchard, p. 96.
                                                                                                            (Joseph R. Finch family information 
                                                                                                            provided courtesy of Donna Fawcett)

                                                                                                            Children of Joseph and Maria Finch:

                                                                                                                            Joseph Warren Finch
                                                                                                                            Born 1843 in NY.
                                                                                                                            By 1880 had moved to 
                                                                                                                            Boulder, Jefferson Co. 

                                                                                                                            Joseph R. Finch
                                                                                                                            Born 1848 in NY
                                                                                                                            Married Helen (?) on 
                                                                                                                            March 21, 1869 in Green 
                                                                                                                            Co., WI.
                                                                                                                            By 1880 he was in German 
                                                                                                                            Smith Co., Kansas.

                                                                                                                            Emma Alphena Finch
                                                                                                                            Born Apr. 15, 1850 in WI.
                                                                                                                            in Cook Co, Ill.
                                                                                                                            Married William Gillett on 
                                                                                                                            Sept. 23, 1898 in Green 
                                                                                                                            Co., WI.
                                                                                                                            Died January 25, 1931 in
                                                                                                                            Brodhead, WI.  Buried in 
                                                                                                                            Greenwood Cemetery - 
                                                                                                                            Brodhead, WI.

                                                                                                                            Emanuel C. Finch
                                                                                                                            Born 1854
                                                                                                                            Married Alice (?)
                                                                                                                            By 1880 was living in 
                                                                                                                            Ponca, Dixon, Nebraska.   

                                                                                                                            Evangina Finch
                                                                                                                            Born ?


                                                                    [Children of Isaac Finch and Eunice Rosecrans continued:]

                                                                                 Jesse Finch
                                                                                 Born abt. 1795.
                                                                                 Married Hannah (?)


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[Children of ( IV ) Isaac Finch and wife, Martha Continued:]

                            7. Nathaniel Finch  (1737 - 1779)
                       American Revolution        Born 1737 in Goshen, Orange County, New York.
                                                          Died  July 22, 1779 in the Battle of Minisink, Orange County, 
                                                          New York (age 42).

                            8. Solomon Finch  (1739 - 1779)
                       American Revolution        Born 1739 in Goshen, Orange County, New York.
                                                          Married Deborah Dunning on February 17, 1777.
                                                          Deborah was listed as a member of First Presbyterian Church 
                                                          at Goshen in 1770.
                                                          Solomon Finch died  July 22, 1779 in the Battle of Minisink
                                                          Orange County, New York (Age 40).   
                                                          Rank of Adjt. Wounded in leg. 
                                                          Col. John Hathorn's Official Report.

                                                      9. Ruth Finch
(1741 - ?)
                                                          Born 1741 in Goshen, Orange County, New York.
                                                          Married James Ensign.
                                                          (James Ensign married Mary Carpenter on May 13, 1779.)

                                                          Children of Ruth Finch and James Ensign:

                                                                                  Osman Ensign
                                                                                  Born July 1, 1764.
                                                                                  Baptized June 26, 1774.

                                                    10. Elizabeth Finch (1743 - ?)
                                                          Born 1743 in Goshen, Orange County, New York.

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The Pennamite wars were (in short) land disputes between the Connecticut and Pennsylvania 
settlers of Luzerne County, PA.  The Second Pennamite war concluded in 1784, (6) years 
following the Battle of Wyoming.  At that time, the original Connecticut settlers of Luzerne County,
Pennsylvania were ordered to vacate their properties, as the Continental Congress Court of 
Arbitration had officially granted the land to the state of Pennsylvania. In 1799, a Compromise 
Act of the Pennsylvania Legislature "secured a means of settlement with the Connecticut claimants".
Given the known history of the Finch family, it is assumed that following the Pennamite wars,
(and/or the 1799 Compromise Act) the surviving children of
( V ) Isaac Finch migrated southwestward
through Ohio, to north central  Indiana in search of new land on which to settle.  As Indiana became a 
state in 1816 and the Treaty of St. Mary's ("New Purchase") opened up land previously inhabited 
by the Delaware, Miami and Shawnee Indians, the rich prairie land along the banks of the White River
in Hamilton County must have seemed an inviting destination.
See additional history below:


Children of (V) Isaac Finch and Amy Kinney

1. Amy Finch (1761- abt.1852)
Born March 13, 1761, Orange County, New York
Died December 1, 1854.  (Place of death and burial are yet unknown.)
Married 1.) Jonathan Bassett (date?).  
Married 2.) Jonathan Webb in 1787, Goshen, Orange County, New York.
Jonathan Webb was born September 9, 1759 and was a Revolutionary War soldier.
It is believed that Webb was an Orderly Sgt. in the New York Military and served 
under Capt. Weasoner and Col. Hatfield.
Jonathan Webb died in the fall of 1815, the same year he and Amy moved from Orange County, 
New York to Brookville, Franklin County, Indiana with Amy's brothers, Moses, John & Solomon Finch.
It is believed that he is buried in Presbyterian Cemetery, Brookville, Franklin County, Indiana.
Amy Finch Webb applied for a widow's pension July 22, 1843 (age 82), in in the home of her daughter,
Rebecca (Finch) Budd in Brookville, Franklin County Indiana. The application was subsequently denied.
Per that file: State of Indiana - Franklin County "I, Henry berry, Judge of Probate Court in 
and for the State of aforesaid Do certify that Amy Webb was on this day by me duly sworn and
in my presence subscribed the foregoing Declaration and I further certify that said Amy Webb
is unable from bodily infirmity to attend said court at the usual place of sitting.  Given under 
my hand this 22 day of July 1843.
Per the bible of Anna Parker Basset, and The History of Stamford, by Elijah Baldwin Huntington,
Amy Finch Bassett Web died December 1, 1854.
Given the above court record and statement of Amy Webb's infirmity, it is possible that Amy Finch 
Webb lived the rest of her days, died and was buried in or near Brookville, Franklin County, Indiana. 
However, the 1850 Augusta Township, Des Moines County, Iowa census, lists "Amery Webb", female, 
age 90 living in the Alvin C. Graves household.  Alvin C. Graves was the husband of Amy's daughter,
Elizabeth Webb (Graves).  The research of Duane R. Finch coupled with  supplemental documentation
provided  by the Des Moines County Genealogical Society, suggests that the "Amery Webb" enumerated
in the 1850 Des Moines County census may have in fact been Amy Finch Bassett Webb.  If so, and 
assuming Amy Finch Bassett Webb's "infirmity" was temporary,  she could well have relocated to Iowa
prior to the taking of the 1852 Des Moines County census, and would then likely be buried in the old 
Augusta Cemetery, Augusta, Iowa.  NOTE: Though a 1978 headstone documentation project did not 
reveal Amy Finch Bassett Webb's grave site, it did record a stone for "Amy A. Graves, age 1 year, 
6 months, 6 days" who died September 18, 1849.  Amy A. Graves was the great-granddaughter of 
Amy Finch Webb.
As for a third theory that "in 1851, at age of 90, Amy Finch Webb removed to Niles Michigan, 
with brother, Moses Finch Sr." ... to date, no supporting documentation has surfaced.
See: "Revolutionary Soldiers Buried In Indiana - A Supplement" Waters - 1954.
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See: History of Stamford by Elijah Baldwin Huntington.  Biog: 177269,378.  Entry 323-112.

Children of Amy Finch and Jonathan Bassett:

                                John Bassett
                                Born January 11, 1779 in Geneva, New York .
                                Died April 15, 1834 in Russellville, Byrd Township, Brown County, Ohio.
                                Married (1.) Sabra Witter, daughter of Elijah and Elizabeth (Story) Witter 
                                on March 10, 1801.
                                Sabra Witter was born December 21, 1782, and died August 26, 1815.
                                Married (2.) Anna Parker, daughter of Phineas and Louise (Southworth) 
                                Parker on February 15, 1816.
                                Anna Parker was born March 6, 1791 in Mansfield (Tolland) Connecticut,
                                and died November 12,1865 in Shelbyville, Shelby County, Indiana, where 
                                she is buried in City Cemetery next to her daughter Hester Ann Wills Bone,
                                and first husband Willis Wills (headstones no longer standing).
                                John Bassett's burial place is yet unknown.

                                Children of John Bassett and Sabra Witter:

                                                    Elijah Witter Bassett
                                                    Born August 22, 1802.
                                                    Married Anna Snedaker October 14, 1826 in Brown County, OH.
                                                    Died in October 1847.

                                                    Peninnah Bassett
                                                    Born September 28, 1804.
                                                    Married Christian Snedaker on October 3, 1822 in Georgetown, 
                                                    Brown County, Ohio.
                                                    Died November 12, 1840.

                                                    Arminda Bassett
                                                    Born July 20, 1812.
                                                    Married John Ewing.
                                                    Arminda Bassett died december 18, 1833.
                                                    John Ewing died may 1835 (age 28 years).

                                Children of John Bassett and Anna Parker:

                                                    Orin Bassett
                                                    Born August 17, 1817 Geneva, Ontario County, New York.
                                                    Married 1.) Margaret Moore March 17, 1836, in Russellville, 
                                                    Brown County, Ohio.
                                                    Married 2.) Jane Avaline Parker.
                                                    Married 3.) Mrs. Sarah Packard on September 9, 1889 in Tonica, 
                                                    LaSalle County, Illinois.
                                                    Orin Bassett died in November 1899 in Benton Harbor, Michigan.

                                                    John Parker Bassett
                                                    Born October 8, 1819 in Ohio.
                                                    Married Ann Reese on April 26, 1842 in Brown County, Ohio.

                                                    Amy S. Bassett
                                                    Born December 10, 1821.
                                                    Married J. C. Reese.
                                                    Died June 12, 1847, age 25 years 24 days.
                                                    Buried in Baird Burial Grounds, Brown County, Ohio

                                                    Hester Ann Bassett
                                                    Born March 19, 1824.
                                                    Married 1.) Willis Wills on September 18, 1843.
                                                    Willis Wills died June 12, 1847.
                                                    Married 2.) William Bone in June 1870.
                                                    Hester Ann Bassett died June 3, 1891, and is buried in Shelbyville, 
                                                    Indiana, where husband William Bone had been postmaster.

                                                    Brazilla Bassett

                                                    Born July 2, 1826 in Ohio.
                                                    Married Lucinda J. Mead on march 30, 1854 in Greensburg, IN.
                                                    Died August 21, 1907 in Normal, Illinois.

                                                    Mary A. Bassett 
                                                    Born March 31, 1829.
                                                    Married William Baughman on February 26, 1846 in Brown 
                                                    County, Ohio.
                                                    Died February 17 1874.


[Children of Amy Finch and Jonathan Bassett continued:]

                                Hannah Bassett
                                Born October 2, 1781  


Children of Amy Finch and Jonathan Webb

                                Mary Webb
                                Born April 4, 1789
                                Married John Carson in Benton Center, Yates County, New York.

                                Brazillia Webb
                             Born April 2, 1791
                                Served in the War of 1812, Davis Regiment, New York Militia.
                                Married Cynthia Scott in Franklin County, Indiana on May 29, 1823.

                                Rebekah Webb
Married Daniel Budd.
                                Lived in Brookville, Franklin County, Indiana.
                                Born August 22, 1793

                                Johnathan Bassett Webb
                                Born October 4, 1795

                                Matilda Webb
                                Born May 30, 1798

                                Elizabeth (Betsy) Webb
                                Born November 18, 1800
                                Married Alvin C. Graves on June 24, 1816.
                                Per 1850 census, the Graves family was living in Augusta, 
                                Des Moines County, Iowa.  Living with them at the time was
                                "Amery Webb", female, age 90.  (Mother, Amy Webb?)
                                Alvin C. Graves died in Iowa, sometime between 1853-1854. 

                                Nathaniel Webb
                                Born March 24, 1803
                                Married Amelia Young on November 30, 1830 in Floyd County, Indiana.

[Children of (V) Isaac Finch and Amy Kinney continued]

2. Isaac Kinney Finch (1763-1848)
Born February 25, 1763 in Orange County, New York.
1776, moved to Pittston, Plains Township, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania.
Married Sarah Tompkins October 19, 1789, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania.
Sarah Tompkins was born October 10, 1768.
Isaac served in the Revolutionary War.
Was a soldier in Capt. Elisha Hopkins Company, New York Militia, 
from February 1, to December 31, 1781”, per, "Our Ancestors" by Ernest B. Cole.
Note: Original Family Tree lists that same statistic under the name of (V) Isaac Finch.
March 27, 1793, Isaac acted as administrator of his father's estate.  
1800 census lists Isaac Finch in Exeter Township, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania.
In 1809, Isaac and Sarah Finch moved to Greenfield Township, Lakawanna County, Pennsylvania,
and later opted not to move westward to Indiana with brothers John, Moses Sr. and Solomon Finch.
Sarah Tompkins died October 27, 1846 (age 78).
Isaac Kinney died in March 10, 1848, Clifford, Wayne County, Pennsylvania (age 85).
Isaac Finch and Sarah (Tompkins) Finch are buried in Greenfield Cemetery, Clifford, Pennsylvania.
See: History of Luzerne County Pennsylvania.   H. C. Bradsby, Editor, 
S. B. Nelson & Co., Publishers, 1893 (Chapter XII,  pg. 373).
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Children of Isaac K. Finch and Sarah Tompkins:

                                Isaac Burton Finch (Capt.)
Born November 20, 1789.
                                Married (1.) Betsey Weeks of Cayuga County, NY., with whom Isaac had 
                                eight children.
                                Married (2.) Lucinda Swallow, with whom Isaac had five children.
                                Served in the War of 1812, rank of Captain.
                                Moved from New York to Luzerne County, PA.
                                Died April 14, 1860.

                                Nathaniel Finch
Born February 3, 1792.
                                Married Eleanor Simrall on December 15, 1813.
                                Eleanor was the daughter of William and Bethiah (Owen) Simrall.
                                Nathaniel and Eleanor Finch resided in Abington Township, 
                                Luzerne County, PA in 1813
                                Nathaniel Finch died June 20, 1884.

                                John Gardner Finch
Born May 19, 1794 in Pennsylvania.
                                Married Martha Hutchins.
                                Martha Hutchins was born abt. 1795, and died (?) in Luzerne County, PA.
                                John Gardner Finch died January 16, 1886 in Lackawanna County, PA.

                                "Fanny" (Mary) Finch
Born February 1, 1797 in Pittston Township, Luzerne County, PA.
                                 Married Leonard Spencer in 1818.
                                 Fanny and Leonard resided in Luzerne County, PA., and had eight children.
                                 Leonard Spencer died February 1, 1887.
                                 Fanny Finch Spencer lived beyond the age of ninety.
See: History of Luzerne County.

                                Carpenter Finch
Born November 21, 1799 in Pittston Twsp., Providence, Luzerne County, PA.
                                Died may 5, 1852 - age 48 years, six months and 19 days.
                                Buried at Greenfield Cemetery. 

                                Julia Finch
Born April 23, 1802 in Pittston Twsp., Providence, Luzerne County, PA.
Married (?) Foster.

                                   Lavina Finch Benson - age 100
                                       Centenarian Anniversary Celebration
                                      March 16, 1905 - Whitehall, Wisconsin 

                                Lavina Finch
Born March 16, 1805 in Pittston Twsp., Providence, Luzerne County, PA.
Married Wandell Benson November 6, 1831.
                                Wandell Benson was born November 25, 1798 in New York.
                                Lavina and Wandell Moved from Pennsylvania to Janesville, Wisconsin in 
                                1842, traveling by wagon team.
                                The couple later moved to Dane and Columbia counties.
                                Wandell assisted in the building of Wisconsin's first railroad system, 
                                the Prairie du Chien Railroad.
                                Wandell Benson died in Columbia County, Wisconsin on his birthday, 
                                November 25, 1876, and is believed to be buried in Dekorra.
                                Lavina Finch Benson died Tuesday, November 17, 1908 in Whitehall, 
                                Wisconsin after having succumbed to a cold several days prior.  
                                She passed at age 103 years, 8 months and 1 day.  Funeral services were 
                                held at the M. E. Church with Rev. Charles Chalfant officiating.
                                Lavina Finch Benson was buried at Lincoln Cemetery, Whitehall, Trempeau 
                                County, Wisconsin.
Wandell Benson and Lavina Finch had four children.  Their first child died in 
                                infancy.  Other children include; Dorothy (Benson) Harris, Martha Benson 
                                (with whom Lavina lived for thirty years of her widowhood) and Mary P. 
                                (Benson) Quackenbush, all of Wisconsin. 

                                Sally Finch
Born May 4, 1808.
                                Married William Mason.
                                Died in 1888.

                                Solomon Finch
Born November 4, 1810.
Married (1.) Catherine (?)
                                Married (2.) Anne (?)
                                Solomon Finch died sometime after 1880 in Lackawanna County, PA.

                                Polly Finch
Born July 5, 1813.
                                Married (?) Whipple.

[Children of (V) Isaac Finch and Amy Kinney continued]

3. Enoch (Enos) Finch (1765- 1813)
    Born in 1766.
    Died in 1813, just before he and his brothers were to move westward to Indiana.
    Believed to have had a wife and two children at the time of his death.
    Per Oct 16, 1899 letter from James Gardner Finch to cousin, Benoni Wheeler Finch,
    (Enoch) "died close to our house as they were preparing to come west.  I can recollect 
    going to their house whilst he was sick, with mother.  There was snow on the ground 
    and they were straining honey."

4. ( VI ) John Finch (1767 - 1849)

                 Judge John Finch 
        Orange County, New York

                 [unknown artist]
Photo courtesy of Conner Prairie Museum

John Finch was born May 6, 1767 in Goshen, Orange County, New York.
He was 11 years old during the Battle Of Wyoming Valley, PA.
In adulthood, John was described as being six feet tall, 170 pounds, with fair skin and black eyes. 
           1st wife, Elizabeth Green in August 17, 1787.  Elizabeth (Green) Finch died bef. Oct. 1797.

              2nd wife, Jemima Overton October 12, 1797.  Jemima (Overton) Finch was was born 
                             December 25, 1775, and died sometime prior to April 1806.

                3rd wife, Mehitable Brown Chapman on April 25, 1806
                              Mehitable was born May 12, 1776, Orange County, New York.
                              She was previously married to Nathan Chapman on Feb. 13, 1800
                              Nathan Chapman died July 18, 1804, while Mehitable was pregnant with
                              their 3rd child.

                              Children of Nathan Chapman and Mehitable Brown Chapman:   

                                    Amasa Chapman
                                    Born Dec. 13, 1800
                                    Died in August 1819, Horseshoe Prairie - Hamilton County, Indiana.
                                 (age 18)                            
                                   Elizabeth Chapman
                                   Born November 3, 1802
                                   Married William Conner (of Conner Prairie ) in November of 1820
                                   Died Dec. 14, 1891 (age 89)

                                   Nathan Chapman
Born November 3, 1804
                                   Married Phebe (Phoebe?) Mills on March 23, 1823
                                   Married Emily Reed January 9, 1833 

                              Mehitable Brown Chapman Finch was buried with John Finch in Riverside Cemetery
                              Noblesville, Indiana (section G, Row 20 Marker #5)

John Finch fathered 17 children, (from the time he was 23 up until his 51st year)
1800 census indicated that John Finch was a resident of Seneca County, New York.
In 1810, per census records, John Finch was a resident of Caldonia, Genesee County, New York.
Was a blacksmith in the War of 1812.
1813, Lived in North Bend, Ohio, where he purchased land adjacent to that of William J. Harrison. 
Known to have lived in Muncie, IN., Anderson, IN., Connersville, Indiana (abt. 1816-1819) 
and Noblesville, Hamilton County Indiana, where he moved his family in August of 1819.
John settled on Horseshoe Prairie, six months following his brother, Solomon's arrival there. 
John Finch was one of the (2) first Associate Judges in Hamilton County, Indiana (the other being 
William Blackmore)
He was Associate Judge 1823-1829 Probate & Common Pleas.
Built the first mill in Hamilton County, which was run by horse-power, and known as "Finch's Horse-mill". 
Started first Blacksmith shop in Hamilton County.
Said to have been a "fine mechanic and good blacksmith".  
First sermon preached to white settlers, took place in the home of John Finch in 1820.
Baptist services were held there until 1832, when John moved to Wayne Township,  [Noblesville, IN.].
The congregation met at his new home as well as other private residences, until John Conner
donated a lot on the corner of Ninth and Cherry Street.  
John Finch died September 25, 1849 (age 82) in Noblesville, Hamilton County, Indiana.
Mehitable Brown (Chapman) Finch died November 18-24, 1846 in Noblesville, Hamilton Co., IN.
Originally interred on his family farm, John Finch was later moved to Riverside Cemetery Noblesville, 
Hamilton County, Indiana along with his wife Mehitable Brown Chapman. (Sect.G, Row 20 Marker #4).
Will dated January 26, 1841; probated January 12, 1850, Hamilton County, Indiana; 
"I give to my wife Mehitable household furniture, etc... To each of my children, Elizabeth Davidson, 
Sarah Palmer, Margaret Thompson, Rebecca Hall, Fabius M. Finch, Angeline Williams, ---- to my 
children, Jubal, John, Cyrus, Laura, and Hiram, H.G. and Fabius M. Executors."

John owned "Old Finch Farm" in Hamilton County, Indiana which was located South of Route 38, 
west of Boden Road and north of 166th street - about 2 miles east of Noblesville, Indiana.
Finch Cemetery was located on that property and later, when the property sold to Alfred J. Sohl,
several graves from that Finch cemetery were moved to Riverside cemetery in Noblesville.
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"History of The Formation, Settlement & Development Of Hamilton County" by 
Augustus Finch Shirts copyright 1901
Hamilton County History & Genealogy
History Of Durbin Elementary School

Riverside Cemetery Records

5. Rebecca Finch 
Born in 1769, Orange County, New York.
Married Mr. DeVee. 

                Moses Finch Sr.

6. Moses Finch Sr.
Born April 15, 1771 in Wyoming, Pennsylvania.
Described in adulthood as being very white haired, with skin fairer than his brother Solomon. 
Married (1.) Sarah Brannon in 1789, daughter of Charles Brannon and Margaret (Wheeler?).
Sarah Brannon was born August 18, 1774, and died June 17, 1831 in Henry County, Indiana.
1800 and 1810 census records indicate Moses was living in Seneca, Ontario County, New York.
In 1804, Moses was dismissed from the Church at Wheatland, New York.
1830 census records Moses Finch as a resident of Henry County, Indiana.
Moses Finch Sr. married (2.) Miranda (Everts) Granger abt.1832 
in Hamilton County, Indiana. 
Miranda (Everts) Granger was born 1791 in Vermont, and moved to 
Hamilton County, Indiana with her first husband, Chester Calvin Granger, 
with whom she had eight children.  
Chester Calvin Granger died Aug. 24, 1830.
The youngest of Miranda and Chester Granger's children, was Sarah Ann Granger.
Sarah Ann Granger married Lucien Brannon Finch, son of this Moses Finch Sr.
Once married, Moses and Miranda Finch resided on 160 acres of land once owned 
by Miranda's late husband Chester Calvin Granger.
In 1850, at the age of 80, Moses Finch left Miranda (Everts) Granger Finch,
to live with his son Nathaniel Finch, in Koshkonong, Jefferson County Wisconsin.  
By the 1860 census, Moses was living with son, Abraham Wheeler Finch,
Spring Valley, Fillmore County,  Minnesota.
Miranda (Everts) Granger Finch remained in Noblesville, Hamilton County, Indiana 
where she died 
March 16,1863.  She is buried in Granger family plot at Riverside Cemetery, 
Noblesville, Hamilton County, Indiana. (View grave marker)
Moses Finch died April 15, 1860, ( age 89) in Spring Valley, Fillmore 
County, Minnesota, at the home of his son, Abraham Wheeler Finch,
and is buried at Watson Creek Cemetery, Fillmore County, Minnesota.

See: "A History and Genealogy of the Finch Family of Berrien County, Michigan",
by Alice Burridge Hobart. Copyright January 1, 1964, Piquet (publisher).

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Note: Moses Finch family information and photos, courtesy of Duane Richard Finch.  Mail

Children of Moses Finch and Sarah Brannon:

                                Isaac Kinney Finch
                                Born September 6, 1790, in New York.
                                Married Hannah Deyo.
                                Died march 27, 1853.

                                Charles Brannon Finch
                                Born April 19, 1792 in New York.
                                Wounded in the War of 1812.
                                Married about 1812 to (1.) Isabel Hartford.
                                Isabel Hartford was born in 1793 and died in 1844. 
                                Married (2.) Hepsabah Briggs in 1848, Jefferson County, Wisconsin.
                                Hepsabah Briggs died in 1850.
                                Charles Brannon Finch died September 11, 1851 in, Koshkonong, 
                                Jefferson County, Wisconsin.
                                (NOTE: Family Group Sheet on file for Charles Brannon Finch.) 
                                (Skip to next child of Moses Finch and Sarah Brannon)

                                Children of Charles Brannon Finch and Isabel Hartford:

                                                         Marcellus Finch
                                                         Born February 2, 1813.
                                                         Married Elizabeth (?)
                                                         Died February 14, 1868 (age 55).
                                                         Buried in Lakeview Cemetery, Watertown, Wisconsin.

                                                         Samuel Finch
                                                         Born February 16, 1815.
                                                         Was a carpenter and a farmer.
                                                         Married Anna Briggs on September 26, 1844.
                                                         Died October 1, 1892 (age 77).

                                                         Daniel C. Finch
                                                         Born February 14, 1817 in Indiana.
                                                         At abt. age 17, was a participant in the infamous 
                                                         "Fighting Finches" episode. 
                                                         Was a farmer, but described by some as being a gypsy type.
                                                         Married (1.) Frances A. Craig in 1849.
                                                         Frances A. Craig was born in 1831 and died in 1860
                                                         Married (2.) widow, Sarah A. (Thompson) Macey on 
                                                         March 20, 1861 in Cambridge, Iowa.
                                                         Sarah Thompson was born in 1833 and died in 1880.
                                                         Married (3.) Sarah J. Wills on November 28, 1880.
                                                         Sarah J. Wills was born in 1833 and died (?).
                                                         Daniel C. Finch is said to have moved from Iowa to 
                                                         Arkansas, with Sarah J. Wills.
                                                         Married (4.) (name?), and moved back to Iowa.
                                                         [Skip to next child of Charles Brannon Finch and Isabel Hartford]

                                                         Children of Daniel C. Finch and (1) Francis Craig:

                                                                                      Emeline Coyt Finch
                                                                                      Born July 17, 1849.
                                                                                      Died November 25, 1911.

                                                                                      Marcus W. Finch
                                                                                      Born 1851.
                                                                                      Married Percinia Bowman.
                                                                                      Percinia was born in 1865.
                                                                                      Marcus and Percina Finch had two children:
                                                                                      1.) Bertha Finch - born 1883.  
                                                                                      2.) Charles H. Finch - born Oct. 30, 1884.

                                                                                      Daniel Francis Finch
                                                                                      Born June 1853.
                                                                                      Married Ida (?)
                                                                                      Daniel and Ida Finch had five children:
                                                                                      1.) Louis Finch - born June, 1884.
                                                                                      2.) Child - born June 1886.
                                                                                      3.) Maude Finch - born January, 1890.
                                                                                      4.) Clifford Finch - born February, 1896.
                                                                                      5.) Fern Finch - born April, 1899.

                                                                                     Sarah Olivia Finch
                                                                                     Born August 1854.
                                                                                     Died October 4, 1875.

                                                         Children of Daniel C. Finch and (2) Sarah Thompson Macey:

                                                                                      Frances "Fannie" Finch (twin)
                                                                                      Born December 21, 1861.
                                                                                      Married John Corkins Nov. 4, 1882.
                                                                                      John Corkins was born about 1855.

                                                                                        Francis "Frank" Finch

                                                                                      Francis "Frank" Finch (twin)
                                                                                      Born December 21, 1861.
                                                                                      Married Lillian Jane Stevens Dec. 23, 1885. 
                                                                                      Lillian was born Nov. 7, 1862 and died 
                                                                                      Aug. 22, 1928.
                                                                                      Francis Finch died March 24, 1943.
                                                                                      Francis Finch family information provided 
                                                                                      courtesy of Earlene Zinner 
                                                                                      [Skip to next child of Daniel C. and Sarah Finch]

                                                                                      Children of Francis and Lillian Finch:

                                                                                                                  Earl Raymond Finch 
                                                                                                                  Born. Oct. 29, 1891.
                                                                                                                  Died Nov. 20, 1918.
                                                                                                                  William Guy Finch        
                                                                                                                  Born May 22, 1887.   
                                                                                                                  Died Feb. 26, 1914.
                                                                                                                  Florence Finch    
                                                                                                                  Clara Mildred Finch
                                                                                                                  Francis Allen Finch
                                                                                                                  Charles Herbert Finch (twin)
                                                                                                                  Born abt. 1897.
                                                                                                                  Nina B. Finch (twin ) 
                                                                                                                  Born abt. 1897.

                         Children of Daniel C. Finch and (2) Sarah Thompson Macey continued:

                                                                                        Grant Finch Family abt. 1907

                                                                                      Grant Finch
                                                                                      Born August 24, 1864.
                                                                                      Married Anna Beckwith Nov. 25, 1885.
                                                                                      Anna was born July 1, 1864 and died
                                                                                      November 26, 1930.
                                                                                      Grant Finch died August 5, 1940.
                                                                                      Grant and Anna Finch had seven children:
                                                                                      1.) Elizabeth Finch - born Dec. 20, 1886.
                                                                                      2.) Daniel H. Finch - born Oct. 1888.
                                                                                      3.) Clayton J. Finch - born July, 1892.
                                                                                      4.) Bruce Finch - born April, 1894.
                                                                                      5.) Bertha Finch - born August, 1896.
                                                                                      6.) Sidney Francis Finch - born June 28, 1900.
                                                                                      7.) Lois Finch - born 1905.
                                                                                      For more information on the Grant Finch 
                                                                                      Family line, contact Susan (Finch) Laymon

                                                                                      John Rud Finch
                                                                                      Born May 28 1868 in Cambridge, Story Co. Iowa: 
                                                                                      Died September 14 1942 Paducah, Cottle, Texas 
                                                                                      (Uremic Toxemia)
                                                                                      Married Nancy Caroline McDade.  Born June 1874 
                                                                                      Bradleyville, Taney Co. Missouri: 
                                                                                      Died March 20, 1933 Paducah, Cottle, Texas 
                                                                                      (Burned in house fire)
                                                                                      John and Nancy had the following children:
                                                                                      1) Edna Finch  born May 20, 1893 Woodford, OK 
                                                                                      2) Essie Finch born Feb 3 1896 Woodford, OK
                                                                                      3) Arlin Richard Finch, Sr. born Nov. 1898 Woodford, OK
                                                                                      4) Ethel Finch born Sept 30,1900 Woodford, OK
                                                                                      5) Oda Finch born Nov. 28,1902 Woodford, OK 
                                                                                      6) Thomas Finch born Feb 7, 1905  
                                                                                      7) Floyd Finch born May 15, 1906 Paducah, TX
                                                                                      8) Pearl Finch born March 19, 1909 Paducah, TX
                                                                                      9) Noel Douglas (Bill) Finch born May 10, 1911 Paducah, TX 
                                                                                      10) John Alden (Jack) Finch born October 21, 1915 
                                                                                     For more information on the John Rud Finch 
                                                                                     Family line, contact ReGina M. Finch- Tollett

Family of John Rud Finch & wife Nancy              Nancy & youngest child John Alden Finch

                                  Children of Daniel C. Finch and (2) Sarah Thompson Macey continued:

                                                                                      Elizabeth Finch
                                                                                      Born August 1869.
                                                                                      Died May 13, 1873.

                                                                            Cassius Marcellus Finch        Inez Redding Finch

                                                                                      Cassius Marcellus Finch
                                                                                      Born January 4, 1871 in Cambridge,
                                                                                      Storey County, Iowa.
                                                                                      Settled in the town of Milo in the Chickasaw 
                                                                                      Nation and was a farmer there.
                                                                                      Married Inez "Nezza" Redding.
Cassius M.  Finch died July 12th, 1916 in Milo,
                                                                                      Carter County, Oklahoma.
                                                                                      Note: For more information on the 
                                                                                      Daniel C. and Cassius M. Finch family line, 
                                                                                      contact:  Alan Finch 

                                                                                      Children of Cassius M. Finch and Inez Redding:

                                                                                                           Richard James Finch
                                                                                                           Born July 12, 1901.
                                                                                                           Died May 18, 1957.

                                                                                                           Charley Lee Finch
                                                                                                           Born January 17, 1904.
                                                                                                           Died January 8, 1986.

                                                                                                           Lucy Ellen Finch.
                                                                                                           Born June 15, 1906.
                                                                                                           Died September 17, 1980.

                                                                                                           George William Finch
                                                                                                           Born September 1, 1908.
                                                                                                           Died September 17, 1980.

                                                                                                           Cammie Finch
                                                                                                           Born October 22, 1910.

                                                                                                           Grant Finch
                                                                                                           Born May 8, 1913.
                                                                                                           Died April 19, 1993.

                                                                                                           Cassius Marcellus Finch Jr.
                                                                                                           Born April 9, 1916.
                                                                                                           Died September 8, 1966.

                   Children of Charles Brannon Finch and Isabel Hartford continued: 

                                                         Olivia Finch
                                                         Born June 21, 1821 in Franklin County, Indiana.
                                                         Married David Gardner on August 12, 1848 in Wisconsin.
                                                         David Gardner died in 1860.
                                                         Olivia Finch Gardner died about 1886, and is buried in 
                                                         Walnut Grove Cemetery.

                                                         Eloise Finch
                                                         Born September 14, 1824.
                                                         Married (1.) (?) Davis in 1853.
                                                         Married (2.) Hal Silas in 1864.

                                                         Charles Brannon Finch Jr.
                                                         Born September 24, 1829 in Indiana.
                                                         Married Nancy Caroline Chipman on April 21, 1888.
                                                         Charles Brannon Finch Jr. died January 7, 1911 in
                                                         Eureka, California, (age 81) and is buried near
                                                         Eureka CA., in Myrtle Grove Cemetery.

                                                         Francis Mortimer Finch
                                                         Born February 12, 1835 in Niles, Berrien County, Michigan.
                                                         Was a farmer.
                                                         Married Mary Watt on September 23, 1860 in Madison, WI.
                                                         Mary Watt was born October 16,1841 in Ayshire, Scotland
                                                         and was the daughter of Samuel and Catherine (Johnston) 
                                                         Watt.  [Note: The Watt family was of Scottish Descent, and 
                                                         first settled in Ames, Iowa, upon coming to the U.S.] 
                                                         Francis M. Finch died October 10, 1892 in Ames, Story
                                                         County, Iowa, and is buried in Ames Municipal Cemetery, 
                                                         Ames, Iowa.
                                                         Mary Watt Finch died February 25, 1931 in Phoenix AZ.,
                                                         where she is buried.
                                                         Note: Francis M. Finch Family Group Sheet on file at 

                                                                          Francis M. Finch

                                                       Children of Francis M. Finch and Mary Watt:

                                                                                     Charles Johnston Finch
                                                                                     Born August 28, 1862.
                                                                                     Married (1.) Sadie Heaverland in 1888 in 
                                                                                     Welcome, Wyoming.
                                                                                     Sadie Heaverland was born 1866, and died 
                                                                                     in 1898.
                                                                                     Married (2.) Alice Maude Flint Feb. 12,1902.
                                                                                     Alice Maude Flint was born in 1878,and 
                                                                                     died in 1962. 
                                                                                     Charles Johnston Finch died Sept. 23, 1933 
                                                                                     in Spearfish, Lawrence County, South Dakota.

                                                                                     Mary Elizabeth Finch 
                                                                                     Born June 3,1864.
                                                                                     Died September 18, 1865.
                                                                                     Mary Elizabeth Finch is buried in
                                                                                     Ames, Story County, Iowa 

                                                                                     Calvin Benton Finch
                                                                                     Born March 27, 1866 in Story County, IA.
                                                                                     Was a farmer.
                                                                                     Married Matilda Graham on Oct. 31, 1892
                                                                                     in Ames, Story County, IA.
                                                                                     Matilda Graham was born 1875 and died 
                                                                                     in 1943.
                                                                                     Calvin Benton Finch died on Dec. 15, 1956
                                                                                     in Gilmore Nursing Home, Nevada, IA.
                                                                                     Note: Calvin Benton Family Group Sheet on 
                                                                                     file at
                                                                                     Skip to the next child of Francis M. Finch and Mary Watt

                                                                                     Children of Calvin and Matilda Finch:

                                                                                                     Fred Finch
                                                                                                     Born August 4, 1907 in Kelly,
                                                                                                     Story County, Iowa.
                                                                                                     Was a farmer.
                                                                                                     Married Florence Phillips on
                                                                                                     January 20, 1932 in Bethany, MO.
                                                                                                     Florence Phillips was born 
                                                                                                     March 8, 1912 in Sheldahl, Iowa, 
                                                                                                     and was the daughter of Charles
                                                                                                     Lawrence Phillips and 
                                                                                                     Fae D, (Harden) Phillips.   
                                                                                                     Fred Finch died March 20, 1972,
                                                                                                     and is buried in Kelley Community 
                                                                                                     Cemetery, Kelley Iowa.
                                                                                                     Florence (Phillips) Finch died 
                                                                                                     April 19, 2006 in Kelley, Iowa and
                                                                                                     is buried in Kelley Community Cem.,
                                                                                                     Kelley, Iowa. (See obituary)
                                                                                                     Note: Fred Finch Family Group 
                                                                                                     Sheet on file at

                                                                                                     Children of Fred and Florence Finch:

                                                                                                               Betty Joan Finch
                                                                                                               Married Scott Arnold Krane.

                                                                                                  Mail  Duane Richard Finch
                                                                                                               Married Barbara Ann Feller.

                                                                                                               Ronald Dean Finch
                                                                                                               Married Jean Soderstrum.

                                                       [Children of Francis M. Finch and Mary Watt, continued:]

                                                                                      Annabell Finch
                                                                                     Born March 4, 1868 in Story County, IA.
                                                                                     Married Mahlon Sims Sept. 16, 1888 in
                                                                                     Story County, IA.
                                                                                     Mahlon Sims was born 1859 and died 1946.
                                                                                     Annabell Finch died November 24, 1921 in
                                                                                     Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona, and is
                                                                                     buried in Ames Municipal Cemetery, Ames, 

                                                                                      Marcellus Deo Finch
                                                                                      Born February 5, 1870 in Story County, 
                                                                                      Was a Stagecoach Driver.
                                                                                      Married (1.) Sarah Johnston on Dec. 24, 
                                                                                      1902 in Spearfish, South Dakota.
                                                                                      Sarah Johnston was born 1872 and died
                                                                                      in 1930.
                                                                                      Married (2.) Catherine Hopkins March 2, 
                                                                                      1934 in Long Beach, CA. 
                                                                                      Marcellus Deo Finch died September 20, 
                                                                                      1963 in Long Beach, CA., and is buried in
                                                                                      Inglewood Park, Cemetery Inglewood, CA.

                                                                                      Leila Katherine Finch
                                                                                      Born Dec. 5, 1874 in Story County, IA.
                                                                                      Married Harry Wilson on Dec. 28, 1892 in 
                                                                                      Story County, Iowa.
                                                                                      Harry Wilson was born 1865 and died 1951.
                                                                                      Leila Katherine Finch died in 1954.

                                                                                      Francis Truman Finch
                                                                                      Born June 4, 1878 in Story County, IA.
                                                                                      Married Susanna May Cunningham on
                                                                                      October 11, 1899.
                                                                                      Susanna May Cunningham was born 1876
                                                                                      and died 1944.
                                                                                      Francis Truman Finch died April 29, 1905,
                                                                                      in Phoenix Arizona, and is buried in Ames
                                                                                      Municipal Cemetery, Ames, Iowa.

                                                                                      Ella Nancy Finch
                                                                                      Born Sept. 24, 1883 in Story County, IA.
                                                                                      Married Harvey Orlando Lyman on
                                                                                      September 24, 1901 in Ames, Story County,
                                                                                      Harvey Orlando Lyman was born 1879 and 
                                                                                      died 1948.
                                                                                      Ella Nancy Finch died August 10, 1924
                                                                                      in Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona,
                                                                                      where she is buried.                                                                                                            

[Children of Moses Finch and Sarah Brannon, continued]

                                 Abraham Wheeler Finch
                                 Born September 4, 1794 in New York.
                                 Married Charity Hildreth Woodworth on April 28, 1815 in Franklin 
                                 County,  Indiana.
                                 Raised two nephews, Lucien Bonaparte Finch and 
                                 Abraham Finch, as their own.  These boys were sons
                                 of Lucien Brannon Finch and Sarah Ann (Granger) Finch. 
                                 Abraham Wheeler Finch later lived in
Spring Valley, Fillmore County,  
                                 Abraham Wheeler Finch died July 23, 1861.

                                 Children of Abraham W. Finch and Charity Woodworth:

                                                           Sarah Ann Finch
                                                           Married Gibson Essington
                                                           Had nine children.

                                Benoni Wheeler Finch
                                Born March 18, 1797 in New York.
                                Married 1.) Elizabeth Tyner on October 16, 1816 in Franklin 
                                County, Indiana. (See IN. State Library Records.)
                                Per Sarah Gardner Finch (wife of Solomon), Elizabeth Tyner
                                was a "lazy and untidy" woman.
                                Married 2.) Elizabeth Holliman.
                                Elizabeth Holliman was born in 1805 in Mississippi.
                                Lived in Stevens Point, Wisconsin.
                                Raised niece, Sarah M. Finch after the death of her parents,
                                Lucien Brannon Finch  and Sarah Ann (Granger) Finch.
                                Benoni Wheeler Finch died in 1851.
                                (Skip to next child of Moses Finch and Sarah Brannon)

                                Children of Benoni Wheeler Finch and Elizabeth Holliman.

                                                                        John H. Finch

                                                           John H. Finch
                                                           Born May 18, 1835 in Niles, Berrien County, Michigan.
                                                           Was a farmer.
                                                           1850, was a laborer in Portage County, Wisconsin.
                                                           Married Malinda Barrett in 1855.
                                                           Malinda Barrett was born Feb. 28, 1838 in Montreal, 
                                                           Quebec, Canada.
                                                           Was a river pilot in 1860, Stevens Point, Portage 
                                                           County, WI.
                                                           1877 and 1882, elected sheriff of Stevens Point, 
                                                           Portage County, WI.
                                                           John H. Finch died May 18, 1908 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 
                                                           following a prolonged illness brought on by a series of 
                                                           three strokes.

                                                           Children of John H. Finch and Malinda Barrett

                                                                                    Frank F. Finch
                                                                                    Born 1857 in Wisconsin.

                                                                                    Miriam (or Marion) Finch
                                                                                    Born June / July 1859 in Wisconsin.

                                                                                    Elizabeth A. Finch
                                                                                    Born 1860 - 1861 in Wisconsin.

                                                                                    Carrie E. Finch
                                                                                    Born 1862 - 1863 in Wisconsin.

                                                                                    Henry J. Finch
                                                                                    Born 1864 - 1865 in Wisconsin.

                                                                                    Ada L. Finch
                                                                                    Born 1866 - 1867 in Wisconsin.

                                                                                    Robert B. Finch
                                                                                    Born 1869 in Wisconsin.

                                                                                    Merle E. Finch
                                                                                    Born 1876 - 1879 in Wisconsin.

                                                                                    John H. Finch 
                                                                                    Born January 18-19, 1883, in Portage  
                                                                                    County, Wisconsin. 

[Children of Moses Finch and Sarah Brannon, continued]

                                 Moses Finch Jr.
                                Born 1799, New York.
                                Married 1.) Hulda Gardner April 30, 1820 in Franklin County, Indiana.
                                Married 2.) Harriet Hurlburt.

                                Children of Moses Finch Jr. and (wife ?)

                    Benoni W. Finch
Was a Civil War soldier.
                                                        Served in the 34th Iowa Infantry, Co. I
                                                        Rank of Private.

                                                           Benoni W. Finch

[Children of Moses Finch and Sarah Brannon, continued]

                                Archibald Wheeler Finch
                                Born 1801, New York.

                             James Brannon Finch
                                Born July 8, 1804 in Genesee County, New York.
                                Was a farmer.
                                Married (1.) Hannah Lauman January 11, 1827 in Wayne County, Indiana.
                                Married (2.) Eunice French on July 25, 1837 in Wisconsin.
                                Eunice French was born in January 1805, and died February 20, 1843.
                                Married (3.) Miranda B. Converse on May 20, 1844.
                                Married (4.) Emily M. Slade on May 19, 1852.
                                Divorced Emily Slade in September 1858.
Lived in Lima Iowa, Westfield Township in 1860,  per census records.
                                Was a Civil War soldier.
                                Served in as a Private in the 37th Iowa Infantry, Co. K.
                                Also known as "The Graybeard Regiment", as the unit was comprised of 
                                able men no younger than 45, many of whom exceeded 65 years of age.
                                Mustered in December 15, 1862.  Discharged for disability Jan. 27, 1865, 
                                at Cincinnati, Ohio
                                James Brannon Finch died August 18, 1879 in West Union Iowa. 
                                He is Buried in West Union Cemetery, West Union Iowa.
                                (Skip to the next child of Moses Finch and Sarah Brannon)

                                Children of James Brannon Finch and (1.) Hannah Lauman:

                                                         Rebecca M. Finch
                                                         Born 1828.
                                                         Married (1.) George Ward.
                                                         In 1853, Rebecca Finch and George Ward moved from 
                                                         Jefferson County, Wisconsin to Fayette County, Iowa.
                                                         George Ward enlisted in the U.S. Army on February 29, 1864.  
                                                         He was killed in Georgia, August 1864.
                                                         Rebecca M (Finch) Ward married (2.) Isaac Aspland, a farmer
                                                          from Fayette County, Iowa, on July 25, 1867.
                                                         Isaac Aspland died in 1898.  Rebecca Finch and Isaac Aspland 
                                                         had no children.  
                                                         Rebecca M. Finch died 1912, and is buried in Lima Cemetery, 
                                                         Fayette County, Iowa.

                                                            Clay Columbus Finch

                                                         Clay Columbus Finch
                                                         Born November 2, 1830 in McHenry County, Illinois.
                                                         Was a farmer and a stock raiser.
                                                         1853, moved to Fayette County, Iowa, "with  25 cents
                                                         in his pocket.", and by 1878 "owned 160 acres of land 
                                                         in Fayette County, Iowa, valued at $4,800."  
                                                         Was a Republican.
                                                         Married Sarah A. Gibbon on April 22, 1857.
                                                         Sarah Gibbon was born January 25, 1836, and died 
                                                         November 14, 1910.
                                                         Clay Columbus Finch died November 16, 1915 in Fayette 
                                                         County, Iowa.
                                                         Clay and Sarah (Gibbon) Finch are buried in Grandview 
                                                         Cemetery, Fayette County, Iowa.
                                                         See: "History Of Fayette County, Iowa" p. 639
                                                          Note: for more information on the Clay Columbus Finch line, 
                                                          contact: Margie Etheridge Mail
Children of Clay Columbus Finch and Sarah Gibbon:

                                                                                    William Gibbon Finch
                                                                                    Born March 31, 1858 in Iowa.

                                                                                    Judith Finch
                                                                                    Born November 23, 1860 in Iowa.

                                                                                    James Duane Finch
                                                                                    Born September 16, 1861 in Illyria, 
                                                                                    Fayette County, Iowa.

                                                                                    Hannah Finch
                                                                                    Born July 3, 1865 in Iowa.

                                                                                    Mae E. Finch
                                                                                    Born May 27, 1866 in Iowa

                                                                                    Josey Pella Finch
                                                                                    Born October 10, 1868 in Iowa.

                                                                                    Alice F. Myrtle Finch
                                                                                    Born June 18, 1877 in Iowa.

                                [Children of James Brannon Finch and Hannah Lauman continued:]

                                                         Daughter (?)
                                                         Died as a child.


                                                             Nancy H. Finch

                                                         Nancy H. Finch
                                                         Born March 7, 1836 in Richmond County, Indiana.
                                                         In 1853, moved with her father from Jefferson County, 
                                                         Wisconsin to Fayette County, Iowa.
                                                         Was said to have been "a woman of fine business ability 
                                                         and a strong maturity and retained her mental faculties 
                                                         to the last day of her life.  She was a great lover of nature
                                                         and particularly birds - always providing food and water 
                                                         for their sustenance." 
                                                         Married (1.) E. E. Chandler on September 15, 1855.
                                                         E. E. Chandler was killed in the Civil War.
                                                         Married (2.) Capt. Jacob Swank, after his return from the 
                                                         Civil War.
                                                         Capt. Jacob Swank died in August 1875 from wounds suffered
                                                         during the Civil War.
                                                         Married (3.) William Cowles on November 5, 1883.
                                                         William Cowles died December 3, 1895.
                                                         Married (4.) Ranson S. Niles in 1901.
                                                         Ranson S. Niles died in 1915.
                                                         Nancy H. Finch died March 18, 1920 in Fayette County, 
                                                         Iowa and is buried in the West Union Iowa Cemetery. 

                                [Children of James Brannon Finch and (2.) Eunice French:]

                                                         Burns Brannon Finch
Born September 1, 1838 at Fort Adkinson, Wisconsin.
                                                         Moved to Iowa in 1852.
                                                         Went to California in 1858 and again in 1863.
                                                         Married Elizabeth (Lizzie) Evans of Lima, Iowa on 
                                                         Jan. 15, 1866.
                                                         In 1868, Burns and Lizzie Finch moved to the Black 
                                                         Bob Indiana Reservation, Jefferson County Kansas.
                                                         Lived at Erie, Kansas.
                                                         Moved to Eureka Kansas in 1874, where Burns was
                                                         employed in the dry goods and grocery business.
                                                         In 1880, Burns and Lizzie Finch moved to Severy,
                                                         Kansas, where they spent the rest of their days.
                                                         Burns Brannon Finch was a 32 degree Mason,
                                                         secretary of Twin Groves Blue Lodge, was a 
                                                         Knight Templer of Fredonia, member of the
                                                         Eastern Star and was an  Ancient Odd Fellows.
                                                         He was also the Treasurer of the town of Severy,
                                                         from the time of its charter in 1880, until 1915.
                                                         Burns Brannon Finch died at his home in Severy, 
                                                      Kansas on Saturday June 19, 1915

                                                                             Burns Brannon Finch
                                                                     [In uniform of Knight Templer]

  Duane DeVee Finch
Born abt. 1842 in Indiana.
                                                         Lived in Lima Iowa, Westfield Township in 1860, 
                                                          per census records.
                                                         Was a Civil War soldier. (Click for additional records)
                                                         Served in the 3rd, Regiment, Iowa Infantry, Co. F and B.
                                                         Enlisted as a Private, and was promoted to Sergeant.
                                                         Served in the 2nd, Regiment, Iowa Infantry, Co. F as
                                                         a Sergeant and was promoted to 2 Lieutenant.
                                                         Married Sarah Stewart.
                                                         Duane DeVee Finch died October 18, 1934, and is buried 
                                                         in Trinidad, Colorado.

                                                         Duane DeVee Finch


[Children of Moses Finch and Sarah Brannon, continued]

                                Nathaniel Finch
                                Born 1807, New York
                                Married 1.) Keziah Dupree in 1827, Indiana.
                                Married 2.) Elvira Hubbard Fry, abt. 1851.
                                Lived in Jefferson County, Wisconsin.
                                Died abt. 1872 in Michigan.

                                Children of Nathaniel Finch and Keziah Dupree:

                    Solomon Byron Finch 
                                                        Born January 4, 1841.
                                                        Was a Civil War soldier.
                                                        (Is said to have been an Indian Scout.)
                                                        Mustered in September 1861.
                                                        Served in Brackett's Battalion, Minnesota Cavalry Co. A.
                                                        Organized at Fort Snelling, MN. as 1st  Co., and attached to
                                                        Curtis Horse, an independent Regiment, which was later 
                                                        designated 5th Iowa Cavalry.
                                                        Mustered out June 1, 1866.
                                                        Married Marietta Swim, who was born in 1853, and died
                                                        in 1922.
                                                        Solomon B. Finch died December 8, 1893,  and is buried 
                                                        with his wife, Marietta in Rosebud Cemetery, Rosebud
                                                        County, Montana.
                                                        Note: Pictures below were found at Rosebud County 
                                                        Museum, Forsyth, Montana.

                                             Solomon Byron Finch                         Marietta (Swim) Finch

[Children of Moses Finch and Sarah Brannon, continued]

                                Lucien Brannon Finch
                                Born in September 19, 1810, in New York.
                                Married Sarah Ann Granger on April 13, 1834.
                                Sarah Ann Granger was born April 3, 1818, and 
                                was the  daughter of  Miranda (Evert) Granger 
                                and Chester Calvin Granger.
                                Miranda (Evert) Granger later became the second 
of  Lucien's father, Moses Finch Sr.
                                Sarah Ann Granger gave birth to her first child,
                                Lucien Bonaparte Finch, at the age of 14, approx.
                                twenty months prior to her marriage (and 16th birthday).
                                Lucien Brannon Finch died in 1836, when his wife
                                Sarah Ann (Granger) Finch was pregnant with their 
                                third child, Abraham Finch.
                                Sarah Ann Granger Finch is thought to have died
                                at the birth of her child Abraham Finch (August 1837).

                                Children of Lucien Finch and Sarah Ann Granger.

                     Lucien Bonaparte Finch
Born August 5, 1832 (prior to his parent's marriage)
                                                         Raised by his uncle and aunt, Abraham Wheeler Finch
                                                         and Charity (Woodworth) Finch, who raised him
                                                         as their own. 
                                                         Was a Civil War soldier
                                                          Served in the 7th Regiment, Minnesota Infantry
                                                         Rank of Private.
                                                         Married Sarah Baker on February 8, 1854.
                                                         Had nine children.
                                                         Died August 13, 1894, being struck by lightning.
He is buried in Bethel Cemetery, Eden Township,
                                                         Decatur County, Iowa.
                                                         Great-great-grandfather of Mary Reder

                                                           Lucien Bonaparte Finch

                                                        Sarah M. Finch
                                                      Born February 9, 1835.
                                                      Was two years old when her mother, Sarah Ann
                                                      (Granger) Finch died.
                                                      Sarah M. Finch was raised by her uncle,
                                                      Benoni Wheeler Finch and his wife Elizabeth.
                                                      Married Nelson P. Combs in 1852.
                                                        Had thirteen children, all born in Wisconsin.
                                                        In 1892, Sarah M. and her husband Nelson P. Combs
                                                        Moved to Washington state.
                                                        Nelson P. Combs died January 3, 1910 .
                                                        Sarah M. (Finch) Combs died June 2, 1915.
                                                        Both Sarah and Nelson Combs are buried in
                                                        Sequim, Clallam County, Washington.

                                                        Abraham W. Finch
                                                        Born August 22, 1837
                                                        Following the death of his mother, 
                                                        Sarah Ann (Granger) Finch, Abraham
                                                        (a newborn) went to live with his uncle 
                                                        and aunt, Abraham Wheeler Finch and 
                                                        Charity (Woodworth) Finch, who raised 
                                                        him as their own.
                                                        Married Elizabeth Clinnett on June 4, 1857.
                                                        Lived in Fillmore County, Minnesota.
                                                        Had two sons by the 1860 Fillmore County census.

                                                        Children of Abraham W. Finch and   Elizabeth Clinnett:

                                                                                        William K. Finch 
                                                                                        Born 1858

                                                                                        Hiram Finch
                                                                                        Born 1860.                          


[ Children of Moses Finch and Sarah Brannon, continued]

                                 Walter Finch
                                 Born 1813, New York.
                                Married Marilla Adkins.

                                John Finch
                                Born 1816, New York.
                                Died 1858.

  Children of Moses Finch and Miranda Granger:
                                Florilla Finch
                                Born 1833, in Indiana.
                                Married Dr. Robert A Graydon of Southport, Indiana
                                on December 12, 1872 in Marion County, Indiana.
                                Children of Florilla Finch and Robert Graydon:

                                                          Florilla Graydon 

                                Rebecca Finch
                                Born 1836, in Michigan (per 1850 Hamilton County, Indiana census).
                                Married George W. Coslin April 15, 1859.
                                Rebecca Finch and her husband George Coslin both died 1861.

[Children of (V) Isaac Finch and Amy Kinney continued]

7. Mary Finch (1774-1849)
Born May 2, 1774 in Orange County,  New York.
Died October 22, 1849 in Dunmore, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania.
Married Edward Spencer in 1796.
Edward Spencer, a Revolutionary War soldier and early Settler of
Wyoming Valley, PA., was born May 7, 1752 in Connecticut and died 
December 29, 1829 in Providence, Pennsylvania.
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Children of Mary Finch and Edward Spencer:

                                Sarah Spencer
                             Born may 7, 1797
                             Married Julian Bailey

                                Mehitable Spencer
                             Born March 5, 1799.
                             Married (1.) Mr. Broome.
                             Married (2.) Mr. Griffin.

                                Eliphas Spencer
                             Born August 13, 1804.

                                Edward Spencer
                             Born October 3, 1805.
                             Married (1.) Elizabeth Devel.
                             Married (2.) Susan Hines.
                             Edward Spencer had four children from (2) marriages.

                                Ambrose Spenser
                             Born March 4, 1809.
                             Died in 1834.

                                Calvin Spencer
                             Born March 11, 1810
                             Died September 21, 1866. 

[Children of (V) Isaac Finch and Amy Kinney continued]

8. Sarah Ann Finch (?)

9 Elizabeth Finch (1775-?)
Born 1775 in New York.
Married (?) Carpenter.
Elizabeth Finch Carpenter and her husband went to western
New York state.  Per the Hobart Book, they helped Elizabeth's
brothers, John, Moses and Solomon prepare for their move to
Indiana.  It is believed that Elizabeth remained in New York.

10. Solomon Finch (1778-1851)
Born January 31, 1778 - Forty Fort, Wyoming Valley, Pennsylvania.  Solomon was 5 months 
old at the time of the Wyoming Valley Massacre. 
Described in adulthood as being five feet, six inches tall, 220 pounds, fair skinned, very black
hair (no gray), with black eyes. 
Died in June of 1851 on Elm Creek Farm in Clay County, Illinois (age 73).
Married Sarah Gardner March 13, 1804 in Wyoming valley (Sarah's father owned the land on 
which the Battle Of Wyoming Valley was fought).
Sarah Gardner was born 1787 in New York and died in June 1847 in Clay County, Illinois.  
Per Shirts' "History of Hamilton County" page #20, In 1820, Sarah taught the first school in
Hamilton County, Indiana "in a small cabin built for that purpose.."
Solomon Was Superintendent of the log cabin display in General Harrison's campaign. 
Solomon, Sarah and their family were known to have lived in / traveled through:
    1804 - Wyoming Valley, Pennsylvania 
    1806 - Genesee County, New York 
    1814 - Livingston County, New York 
    1814 - Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 
    1815 - North Bend, Ohio, (where Solomon took employment with General Harrison)
    1816 - Dearborn County, Indiana 
    1817 - Ripley County Indiana - (where Solomon purchased 461.7 acres between Versailles & Milan, 
                Land record dated November 24, 1817 ).
    1818 - Connersville,  Fayette County, Indiana 1818
    Horseshoe Prairie, (later Noblesville,) Hamilton County, Indiana 1819
    Clay County, Illinois, November 1839
    Solomon and his family "Crossed the White River at the mouth of Stoney Creek - April 19,1819"
    Built the first cabin of his settlement on "Horseshoe Prairie" 1819
    Solomon was elected to the Office of Commissioner, Delaware County - 1823
    In 1848, Solomon Finch married Belinda Moore.
    Belinda Moore was born in 1798, and died aft. 1851.
    Solomon Finch and Sarah Gardner are buried in Foster Hill - Mt. Zion Cemetery, 
    Clay County, Illinois.

Children of Solomon Finch and Sarah Gardner:
                   Rebecca Finch 
Born January 5, 1805, Wyoming Valley, Pennsylvania.
Married (1.) George Shirts November 8, 1821 in Fayette County, Indiana.
                   Rebecca, helped her husband, George run a popular local tavern,
                   and was known far and wide for the delicious cornpone she served there.
                   [Note: George Shirts' first wife (name?) was the first white person of record 
                   buried in Hamilton County, Indiana.  Mrs. Shirts died on Horseshoe Prairie in 
                   August of 1819 , soon after the family's arrival in the county. "A rude coffin 
                   was made for her by the Indians, from puncheons, and she was buried by them 
                   in an Indian graveyard."  George Shirts and his first wife had several children,
                   one of whom was
Sidney Swift Shirts.  Sidney was born on Horseshoe Prairie 
                   in 1819, sometime prior to his mother's death in August, and is said to have been 
                   the first white male child born in Hamilton County, Indiana.]  
                   Following the death of (1.) George Shirts, Rebecca Finch later married 
                   (2.) Jay Ridgeway.

                   Children of Rebecca Finch and George Shirts:

                                              William I. Shirts  
                                              Born Feb. 23, 1823 
                                              Died 1885. 

                                              Augustus Finch Shirts  
                                              Born Nov. 26, 1824.
                                              Was a prominent attorney and politician in Noblesville, Hamilton 
                                              County, Indiana.
                                              Married Nancy Barnhill.
                                              Retired from his Law practice in 1900.
                                              Author of "History of The Formation, Settlement & Development 
                                              Of Hamilton County", copyright 1901.

                                              Children of Augustus Finch Shirts and Nancy Barnhill: 

                                                                                        George Shirts
                                                                                        Studied Law.  
                                                                                        Graduated from University of Michigan, Law 
                                                                                        Department in1876, and began practicing 
                                                                                        Law in Noblesville, Indiana.  Became well known
                                                                                        as a corporate lawyer, and in 1903 was selected 
                                                                                        by the Governor of Indiana to be a member of 
                                                                                        the Codifying Commission, later being named 
                                                                                        Clerk of that body.   

                                                                                        Mary Shirts
                                                                                        Married (?) Baker

                                                                                        Elbert Shirts  

                    [Children of Rebecca Finch and George Shirts continued]

                                              Angeline Shirts  
                                              Born November 26, 1828.

                                              Mary E. Shirts  
                                              Born July 26, 1826.

                                              Sarah Shirts  
                                              Born November 29,1830.

                                              Hiram G. Shirts  
                                              Born July 15, 1834.

[Children of Solomon Finch and Sarah Gardner Continued:]

                   Mary B. Finch (1807-1839)
Born January 24, 1807 In Genesee County, New York 
                   Married cousin, Hiram Gregory Finch (son of ( VI ) John Finch and third wife, Mehitable 
                   Brown Chapman).
                   Mary Finch died December 23, 1839 in Hamilton County, Indiana  (age 32)
                   apparently while giving birth to her daughter (unnamed).
                   Children of Mary B. Finch and Hiram Gregory Finch: 

                                               Henry Clay Finch 
Born 1833, Hamilton County, Indiana
                                               Jubal Finch 
Born August 8, 1834, Hamilton County, Indiana
                                               Died August 12, 1838  Hamilton County, Indiana
                                               (age 3 yrs. 4 days)

               "Infant daughter" (unnamed).
                                            Born in Hamilton County, Indiana 
                                               (no date or age known)

Mary, her son Jubal and infant daughter are buried in Finch Cemetery, Noblesville, 
                   Hamilton County Indiana.
                   (East side of Boden Road, between State Road 38 and 166th Street).
[Children of Solomon Finch and Sarah Gardner Continued:]
                  James Gardner Finch
(1809 - 1904) 
                  Born October 16, 1809 in Genesee County, New York.
                  Moved with his family to Horseshoe Prairie, Hamilton County,
                  Indiana in April of 1819.
                  Worked as a Surveyor in Hamilton County, Indiana.
                  Was a farmer.
                  Married first wife, Sarah Woodborn November 28, 1833.
                  Per Oct. 16, 1899 letter from James Gardner Finch to cousin Benoni 
                  Wheeler Finch, James' first child with Sarah Woodborn "died as the second 
                  one was born, a boy.", which confirms that James had two children with 
                  his first wife.
                  Following the death of Sarah Woodborn, James G. Finch then 
                  married second wife, Mary Ann Purdum July 21, 1839 (eloped).
                  Mary Ann Purdom (the daughter of Jeremiah Purdom and 
                  Catherine Reynolds), was born in 1818, in Chillicothe, Ohio.
                  James and Mary Ann Finch Moved to Clay County, Illinois in 
                  November 1839.  
                  Given James's love of working & improving farms, and the 
                  children's need of adequate education, for years the Finch 
                   family vacillated between rural and town life.  While the family
                  did remain on one Clay County farm for duration of the the Civil
                  War, (and even two years following) James typically preferred to  
                   move with much greater frequency.
                  It is well documented that James G. Finch vigorously and 
                  blatantly opposed slavery and because of this, on more than 
                  one occasion, he and his family were threatened by the Knights 
                  of the Golden Circle (local klan faction).
                  James and Mary moved to Xenia, Clay County, Illinois in the 
                  spring of 1867,but in September of that year moved back to the
                  country, two miles east of Flora, Clay County, Illinois.
                  They moved to Miami County, Kansas in the spring of 1869.
                  Mary Purdum died in May of 1885, 2 months shy of their 46th 
                  wedding anniversary. 
                  James Gardner Finch died April 14, 1904, Lawrence Kansas (age 94)
NOTE: Personal letters from James Gardner Finch, including those written 
                  to his cousin, Fabius Maximus Finch, are on file at: 
                  The Indiana State Library - Manuscripts Dept. Charles Thompson Collection (L157)
                  The Indiana Historical Society - Manuscript Collection (SC0575)
                  Conner Prairie Museum - Fishers, Indiana 
Henry County Genealogical Services  Titled: Henry County 1817 "A Pioneer Letter".
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Children of James Gardner Finch and Sarah Woodborn: 

                                                (Infant / Toddler) Name and gender unknown.
                                                Born after 1833.
                                                Died about the time brother, Francis M. Finch was born (1837).                   
            Francis M. Finch (1837-1864)
                                                Born April 29, 1837 in Hamilton County, Indiana.
                                                Lived in Xenia, Clay County, Illinois.
                                                Died July 27, 1864 in Andersonville, Georgia.
                                                Studied Law.
                                                Was a Civil War soldier.
                                                "Fought without once returning home, without furlough,
                                                 from April 1861, to September 1863." 
                                                Served in the 21st Regiment, Illinois Infantry, Company G.
                                                Rank of Private. (See 21st Illinois Regimental Flag)
                                                Mustered in, June 28, 1861 - Matoon, Ill.
                                                Captured at the Battle Of Chickamauga, September 19-20, 1863,
                                                at which time he was sent to Andersonville Prison in Georgia.
                                                Francis M. Finch died July 27, 1864 in Andersonville Prison (age 27).
Cause of death: 
                                                Buried in National Cemetery - Andersonville, Georgia,
                                                Grave # 3854.
"Flowing Stream" by Florence Finch Kelly - 
                                                  c. 1939, New York, E.P. Dutton & Co., Inc., (p. 29)
                                                Andersonville Civil War Prison Historical Background                       
                                                Andersonville Civil War Prison Database
                                                Andersonville National Historic Site
National Parks Service: Civil War Soldier Database
Children of James Gardner Finch and Mary Ann Purdum:

            Walton H. Finch (1840-1894)
                                                Born October 13, 1840 in Clay County, Illinois.
                                                Died 1894, Pamona, California (age 54).
                                                Delivered by his mother, Mary Ann in the family 
                                                cabin, while his father James G. was summoning the 
                                                help of a neighbor five miles away.  
                                                Was a Civil War soldier.
                                                Served in the 11th Regiment, Missouri Infantry , 
                                                Company "F",  from August 1861 to December 1865.
                                                (View 11th Illinois Regimental Flag)
                                                Promoted from Private to Lieutenant & Adjt.
                                                Incorrectly listed in the National Park Service's
                                                Civil War database as "Walter H. Finch".
                                                Married Charity E. Odell on his first furlough home,
                                                April 14, 1864, in Hendricks County Indiana.
                                                The marriage was recorded by Levi Ritter, Hendricks 
                                                County Clerk, and officiated by S. Bowers M E Minister.
                                                Charity Odell was a resident of Hendricks County, IN.,
                                                as was her brother Sanford T. Odell, who was a physician 
                                                and surgeon.
                                                Walton and Charity Finch moved to Miami, Kansas, 
                                                Wea Township following the Civil War, where Walton
                                                was employed as a a Dry Goods Merchant ( per 1870 census)
                                                Children of Walton H. and Charity E. Finch:

                                                                                           Clarence O. Finch
                                                                                           Born abt. 1866 in Illinois.

                                                                                           Frank R. Finch in Illinois.
                                                                                           Born abt. 1868

                                                                                           Clyde Finch 
                                                                                           Born in July of 1869 in Kansas.


                [Children of James Gardner Finch and Mary Ann Purdum, continued:]

                                                William Finch
                                                Born between 1840 and 1845. 
                                                Per Oct. 16, 1899 letter from James Gardner Finch to cousin 
                                                Benoni Wheeler Finch, "My 4th child William was killed by a
                                                team running off with him."

                                            Cynthia C. Finch
                                                Born February 24, 1845

                                                John C. Finch
                                                Born January 23, 1847

                                                George W. Finch
                                                Born June 21, 1849
                                                Died 1896, Harper County, Kansas

                                                Henry Clay Finch
                                                Born October 1, 1852

                                                Charles Sumner Finch
                                                Born July 24, 1856 in Girard, Illinois
                                                Married Esther Pierce.
                                                Charles Sumner Finch was raised on a farm in Miami 
                                                County, Kansas where he attended country and town 
                                                schools. He taught school for two years, spent one year 
                                                at the University of Kansas, and graduated the University 
                                                of Michigan in 1880 with a degree in Law. He practiced 
                                                law for eight years in Harper County, Kansas. He was part 
                                                owner of the "Harper County Times" and "Harper County 
                                                Graphic". He moved to Lawrence, Kansas in 1888 and 
                                                began editing the "Tribune", which later consolidated with 
                                                the "Journal". In 1903 Charles Finch purchased and began 
                                                editing the "Lawrence Gazette", and he remained Editor 
                                                of that paper until taking a job as Postmaster, September 1, 
                                                1911. He was a Republican, a member of the Knights of 
                                                Pythias, the Elks, the Fraternal Aid Association, the 
                                                Fraternal Order Of Eagles and Beta Theta Pi fraternity

                                                Children of Charles Sumner Finch and Esther Pierce:

                                                                                                Floyd Finch
                                                                                                Gula Finch
                                                                                                Mateel Finch

                                                      Florence Evaline Finch                        Allen Kelly

                                                Florence Evaline Finch
Born March 24, 1858 in Macoupin County Illinois.
Worked in the newspaper business
                                                at the Boston Globe and New York Times.
                                                Married Allen Kelly.
                                                Died in 1939.
                                                Was an accomplished writer, and author of the 
                                                following published works:

                                                 1.“Frances: A Story For Men and Women”
                                                      c. 1889, New York, Sanfred & Company
                                                 2.“On The Inside” 
                                                      c. 1890, New York, Sanford & Company
                                                 3.“With Hoops Of Steel” 
                                                      c. 1900, The Bowen-Merrill Company, Indianapolis
                                                 4.“Rhoda Of The Underground” (with illustrations by the Kinneys) 
                                                      c. 1909, New York: Sturgis & Walton Company
                                                 5.“The Delafield Affair” 
                                                      c. 1909, Chicago, A. C. McClurg & Co.
                                                 6.“Emerson’s Wife and Other Western Stories” 
                                                      c. 1911, Chicago : A.C. McClurg & Co.
                                                 7.“The Fate Of Felix Brand” 
                                                      c. 1913, Philadelphia, The John C. Winston Company.
                                                 8.“What America Did: A Record Of Achievement In The 
                                                      Prosecution Of The War”
                                                      c. 1919, New York, E.P. Dutton & Company
                                                 9.“Dixons: A Story Of American Life Through Three Generations"
                                                      c. 1921, New York: E.P. Dutton & Company
                                               10.“Flowing Stream: Fifty-six Years In The American Newspaper Life” 
                                                      c. 1939, New York, E.P. Dutton & Co., Inc.,

                                                              [Florence Evaline Finch - Kelly]

                                             Children of Florence Evaline Finch and Allen Kelly:

                                                                                                Sherwin Kelly

                                                                                                Sherwin Kelly
                                                                                                Married Alice Douglas, who met 
                                                                                                Sherwin Kelly in Paris  where he 
                                                                                                was studying on scholarship at the 
                                                                                                Sourboune.  Sherwin was offered a 
                                                                                                job in the field of geology after 
                                                                                                working on a paper with another 
                                                                                                professor in that field and soon after 
                                                                                                meeting Alice, moved back to the 
                                                                                                United States.
                                                                                                Sherwin and Alice had five children.


[Children of Solomon Finch and Sarah Gardner continued:]

                  Almena (Alma) Finch (1812-?)
                  Born January 13, 1812 in Genesee County, New York
                  First husband: Stephen Knolton
                  Second husband: Benjamin Creus
              Third Husband: Gabriel Manly

                  Emily Finch (1816-1871)
                  Born May 12, 1816.
                  Died October 13, 1871

                 Augustus H. Finch (1818-1820)
                 Born September 1, 1818 in Connersville, Indiana  
                 Died November 12, 1820 on Horseshoe Prairie (age 2) - scalding accident.  
                 Note: Nine days prior to the birth of his brother, Solomon Tompkins Finch, 
                 Augustus H. Finch died as a result of severe burns.  While chasing after the 
                  family cat, Augustus accidentally overturned a kettle of boiling water which 
                 his older sister, Rebecca had just removed from the fire.  Augustus died twelve
                 hours later. 

                 Solomon Tompkins Finch (1820-1857)
              Born November 20, 1820 at Horseshoe Prairie, Hamilton County Indiana.
                 (Second white male child born in Hamilton County Indiana).
                 Died April 14, 1857 in Clay County, Illinois (age 36).
                 Moved with his parents to Clay County, Illinois in November 1839.
                 Married Bathsheba Long on July 22, 1847.
                 Bathsheba Long was born April 15, 1831 in Tippecanoe County, Indiana.
                 She was the daughter of Rosamond and Hannah (Stanford) Long, and sister of 
                 Margaret (Long) Harter.
                 Solomon and Bathsheba Finch moved to Flora, lay County, Illinois in 1853.
                 They had five children, two of whom died as infants.  Another died in her teens.  
                 Solomon Tompkins Finch is noted as the first businessman in Flora, Clay County, 
                 Illinois, going into the dry good business with Mr. George Harter, under the firm 
                 name "Finch & Harter".
                 Following the death of Solomon Tompkins Finch, Bathsheba Long Finch married
                 John Resen Finch, who was the son of Aaron Finch and grandson of (VI) John Finch.
                 Said John Finch was the uncle of this Solomon Tompkins Finch (brother to his father).
                 Solomon Tompkins Finch and Bathsheba (Long) Finch are buried in Foster Hill -
                 Mt. Zion Cemetery, Clay County, Illinois.

                 Children of Solomon Tompkins Finch and Bathsheba Long:

                                               Rebecca Margaret Finch (1852-1868)
                                               Born April 1852 
                                               Died of premature consumption, in March 1868 (age 15)

                                              Mary Elizabeth Finch (1854-?)
                                              Born September 25, 1854 in Flora, Clay County, Illinois.
                                              Was the first child born in the city Flora.
                                              Married John Minor Cunningham on February 3, 1876.

                                              Children of Mary Elizabeth Finch and John Minor Cunningham:

                                                                                 Freemont Cunningham
                                                                                 Born November 29, 1876.
                                                                                 Died in 1882 (age 6)

                                                                                 Nelle Cunningham
                                                                                 Born September 19, 1878
                                                                                 Married Jerry J. Bowman October 22, 1902

                                                                                 Max Finch Cunningham
                                                                                 Born April 14, 1883

                                             [Children of Solomon Tompkins Finch and Bathsheba Long continued:]

                                              Solomon Tompkins Finch Jr. (1857-?)
                                              Born February 23, 1857 in Flora, Clay County Illinois.
                                              Was a Presbyterian and supporter of the Democratic Party.
                                              Married Lillie Estella Pearce May 28, 1884.
                                              Lillie, born January 13, 1862, was the youngest daughter of 
                                              Frederick and Martha [Ingram] Pearce.
                                              Solomon Tompkins Finch took a preparatory course at Loxa 
                                              College in Coles County, Illinois, then in 1876, entered Michigan 
                                              University, where he graduated from the Law  Department in 1879.
                                              Solomon Tompkins Finch was  was then admitted to the Bar in 
                                              Illinois in 1880 and began practicing Law in his hometown of  Flora.
                                              He was nominated by the Democratic party for County Judge in 1898, 
                                              but was defeated by one vote.  Solomon was also the alternate delegate
                                             to the Democratic National Convention from Illinois, 1916, 1920.
                                              Moved to Springfield, Illinois in 1900, and practiced law there for
                                               five years, before returning to Flora in 1905.
                                              Was the Democratic party's nomination for State's Attorney in 1908, 
                                              "But went down in defeat with the rest of the ticket."
                                              Was a member of the Blue Lodge, Royal Arch and Knights Templer 
                                              Masons and the Woodsmen.
                                              Solomon organized and was the first Chancellor Commander of the 
                                              Knights of Pythias in Flora, Clay County, Illinois.
                                              Lillian E. (Pearce) Finch died June 6, 1916.
                                              Solomon Tompkins Finch Jr. died August 3, 1927, and 
                                              is buried with his wife Lillian, in Elmwood Cemetery, Flora Illinois.

                                              Children of Solomon Tompkins Finch and Lillie Estella Pearce:

                                                                                            Earl D. Finch
                                                                                            Graduated Springfield High School.
                                                                                            Graduated State University, Law Dept.
                                                                                            Was an attorney, in practice with his
                                                                                            father, Solomon Tompkins Finch.
                                                                                            Rollae D. Finch
                                                                                            Graduated Springfield High School.
                                                                                            Attended Medical School at St. Louis 
                                                                                            Was a physician. 
                                                                                            Member of the Methodist Church (along
                                                                                            with his mother, Lillie Estella Pearce).
                                                                                            Married Effie Fairchild Oct. 16, 1912.
                                                                                            Effie Fairchild was born Dec. 5, 1888,
                                                                                            and died in 1965.
                                                                                            Rollae D. Finch died Sep. 22, 1959.
                                                                                            He and his wife Effie are buried in
                                                                                            Elmwood Cemetery, Flora Illinois.

                                                                                            Children of Rollae & Effie Finch:

                                                                                                   William A. Finch
                                                                                                    Born July 28, 1914.
                                                                                                    Married Christina Karr on
                                                                                                    Jan. 21, 1945.
                                                                                                    William A. Finch died Oct. 8, 2007.

                                                                                                    Our heartfelt condolences are extended to the
                                                                                                    family of William A. Finch, who passed away 
                                                                                                    October 8, 2007.  William (Bill) was born 
                                                                                                    July 28, 1914 and was a loving husband and father, 
                                                                                                    having enjoyed more than 63 years of marriage to 
                                                                                                    his beloved wife, Chris.  Bill, along with 
                                                                                                    Duane Finch, researched the Solomon Finch line 
                                                                                                    for approximately 10 years and was the last Finch 
                                                                                                    in Clay County, IL where his ancestors moved after 
                                                                                                    leaving the Indianapolis area. 
                                                                                                    Bill's grandfather, Solomon T. Finch, wrote about 
                                                                                                    our Finch family and that particular work was later 
                                                                                                    published in the Clay County Illinois History.  

                                                                                                    Over the years Bill has contributed generously                                                                                                     to the FinchRoots web site.  We are grateful 
                                                                                                    for the opportunity to have known him, thankful 
                                                                                                    for his friendship and honored to say he will 
                                                                                                    forever be a part of our family history.   

                                                                                                    Children of William. & Christina Finch

                                                                                                                             Ellen Kay Finch
                                                                                                                             Married Bill Bookout.

                                                                                            Children of Rollae & Effie Finch continued:

                                                                                                    Marjorie Finch
                                                                                                    Married Hershal Satterlee.

                                             [Children of Solomon Tompkins Finch and Bathsheba Long continued:]


[Children of Solomon Finch and Sarah Gardner continued:]              

                 Amos Parm Finch (1824-?)
                 Born March 21,1824.
                 Named after Amos Palmer, husband of Sarah Finch (daughter of John Finch).
                 Married (1.) Louisa Griffith August 10, 1852
                 Married (2.) Sarah Elizabeth Davis on December 5, 1860.
                 Lived in Iola Illinois in 1900.

                Children of Amos Parm Finch and Louisa Griffith:

                                              Hiram Clayton Finch
                                              Born May 11, 1854
                                              Was a physician.
                                              Moved to Iowa and continued his practice there.
                                              Married Ausis Olivia Matthews October 6, 1882 in Jasper County, Iowa.

                                              Children of Hiram Clayton Finch and Ausis Olivia Matthews:

                                                                                 Ethel Finch
                                                                                 Born December 29, 1884

                Children of Amos Parm Finch and Sarah Elizabeth Davis:

                                              Rosa Belle Finch
                                              Born August 21, 1861

                                              Henry Ernest Finch
                                              Born August 28, 1868
                                              Married Sarah E. Sibler

                                              Clarence A. Finch
                                              Born February 6, 1872
                                              Married Lulu Morrean on November 17, 1895

                                              Maggie Elizabeth Finch
                                              Born November 3, 1875

[Solomon Finch and Sarah Gardner continued:]  

"History of The Formation, Settlement & Development Of Hamilton County" by 
Augustus Finch Shirts copyright 1901
"Biographical And Reminiscent History Of Richland, Clay And Marion Counties, Illinois 1909"
Hamilton County History & Genealogy
History Of Durbin Elementary School

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                         Children Of Honorable ( VI ) John Finch and {first} wife, Elizabeth Green


                                                                1. ( VII ) Jubal Finch (1790-abt. 1820)
Born July 16, 1790, in New York.
                                                                    Was a Physician and Surgeon. 
                                                                    Married Philena Earl.
                                                                    Philena Earl was born abt. 1793 in New York.
                                                                    It is believed that Jubal came to Indian in 1819 with his 
                                                                    father, John Finch, and perhaps settled in Connersville,
                                                                    Fayette County, Indiana rather than following his father 
                                                                    northeastward to Horseshoe Prairie, Hamilton County, IN.
                                                                    As of September 25, 1819, Jubal was in Lawrenceburg, 
                                                                    Dearborn County, Indiana, where his youngest son, Robert 
                                                                    was born.
                                                                    Per the 1820 federal census, Jubal Finch lived in 
                                                                    Connersville, Fayette County, (Connersville, Township),
                                                                    Indiana with wife, Philena, their two young sons & another 
                                                                    female between the ages of 16-26 (a sister of Philena ?)
                                                                    Per, "Fayette County Indiana: Her People, Industries
                                                                    and Institutions" (Chapter 18 - Fraternal and Benevolent 
                                                                    Societies: Free and Accepted Masons)  Jubal Finch was, 
                                                                    along with John Conner, a petitioner for the institution of 
                                                                    Warren Lodge No.15 at Connersville on September 11th, 
                                                                    1820.  However, Jubal was not listed among the founding 
                                                                    members when the lodge was formally instituted on 
                                                                    October 24, 1820.  It is therefore assumed, that Jubal 
                                                                    Finch died between September 11, and October 24, 1820,
                                                                    (age 30). 
                                                                    Jubal is named as an heir in father, John Finch's will - 
                                                                    drawn January 26, 1841 (probated Jan. 12, 1850), 
                                                                    though sources indicate that he died sometime before 
                                                                    his father (?).
                                                                    Per "A Historical Record of Masonry in Connersville, A 
                                                                    Memorial to the Temple Dedicated in 1941"  Jubal Finch  
                                                                    was given the first Masonic funeral by Warren Lodge #15, 
                                                                    Connersville, Fayette County, Indiana.
                                                                    Jubal's widow, Philena Finch, married Joseph S. Welch 
                                                                    on July 3, 1829 in Switzerland County, Indiana.
                                                                    Philena Earl Finch died about 1838 ( age 45)
                                                                    Skip to the Children of Jubal Finch and Philena Earl  

                                                                                           1820 Census Image -
                                                                                 State of Indiana, Fayette County, 
                                                                    Town of Connersville, Connersville, Township.

                                                                2. Israel Finch
Born October 27, 1791 In Goshen, Orange County, NY.
                                                                    Was a blacksmith. 
                                                                    Married (1.) Elizabeth Earle Budd July 12, 1812.
                                                                    (Elizabeth may have been the sister of Philena Earl)
                                                                    Elizabeth died February 14, 1835
                                                                    Married (2.) widow, Elizabeth Essington Bowman, on 
                                                                     October 6, 1836.
                                                                    North Bend, Ohio 1816
                                                                    Connersville, Indiana 1819
                                                                    Noblesville, Indiana as of April 19, 1819
                                                                    "Crossed the White River at the mouth of Stoney Creek - 
                                                                    April 19,1819"  Was the pioneer designated to carry fire 
                                                                    in a kettle on the trip from Connersville to Stoney Creek 
                                                                    (1819), so as to assure that the settlers had fire each day 
                                                                    upon going into camp. 
                                                                    Helped build "Finch's Horse Mill".  Also helped father,
                                                                    John build Blacksmith Shop.
                                                                    Israel died May 11, 1851 (age 59)
                                                                    (Skip to the next child of  ( VI ) John Finch and Elizabeth Green)
                                                                    Children of Israel Finch and Elizabeth Earle Budd:  

                                                                                 Marcello Finch
Born October 27, 1812

                                                                                 Philena Finch
Born January 10, 1815 in Pennsylvania.
                                                                                 Died July 30, 1816 in Pennsylvania.

                                                                                 Frederick Weldon Finch
Born February 27, 1817 in Pennsylvania.
                                                                                 Died July 5, 1875.

                                                                                 Edwin R. Finch
Born March 25, 1819, Connersville, Indiana.
                                                                                 Died aft. 1879 in Iowa

                                                                                 Laura W. Finch
                                                                                 Born December 15, 1820, Strawtown, 
                                                                                 Hamilton County, Indiana.
                                                                                 First White Female born in Hamilton County.
                                                                                 Married Richard Smythard Stephenson on
                                                                                 September 7, 1837 in Noblesville, Hamilton 
                                                                                 County, Indiana.
                                                                                 Richard Stephenson was born Dec. 29, 1817 
                                                                                 in Lewis County, Kentucky, and was the son
                                                                                 of John Stephenson and Alice Morrison.
                                                                                 Richard moved to Indiana with his brother 
                                                                                 John, and remained there until 1854, when he 
                                                                                 and Laura moved to Henry County, Illinois.  
                                                                                 In 1865, the couple moved to Fort Dodge, Iowa.  
                                                                                 Richard was  a Lieutenant in the 14th Illinois 
                                                                                 Cavalry, Company A., and he later received a 
                                                                                 pension of $4.00 a month for a saber wound to 
                                                                                 the right thigh. 
                                                                                 (See 1883 Webster County Pensioner records.)  
                                                                                 Laura W. Finch Stephenson died Dec. 18, 1886 
                                                                                 in Ft. Dodge, Webster County, Iowa.

                                                                                 Cyrus Finch
Born 1823, Hamilton County, Indiana.

                                                                                 John Finch
Born May 11, 1825, Hamilton County, Indiana.

                                                                                 Elizabeth Greene Finch
Born April 21, 1827 in Indiana.
                                                                                 Died May 24, 1904 in Chicago, Cook County, 
                                                                                 Married Cyrus Westerfield October 20, 1842

                                                                                 Robert Finch
Born August 21, 1829.
                                                                                 Died abt. 1894.
                                                                                 Married (1.) Margaret Rector.
                                                                                 Married (2.) Mary Baird.
                                                                                 Lewis Weldon Finch
Born December 29, 1834 in Hamilton County, 
                                                                                 Died in 1864, due to Civil War illness.

                                                                     Children of Israel Finch and Elizabeth Bowman:

                                                                                 Israel Green Finch
                                                                                 Born June 23, 1837
                                                                                 Married Nancy Nickleson

                                                                                 Jubal A. Finch
                                                                                 Born January 11, 1840
                                                                                 Married (1.) Sarah Keefer
                                                                                 Married (2.) Emily Taylor.
Jubal A. Finch died February 26, 1917.

                                                                                 Sefronia Catherine Finch
                                                                                 Born November 29, 1842.
                                                                                 Married William E. Buck.

                                                                                 Samantha Finch
                                                                                 Born December 14, 1845.
                                                                                 Married Mart Painter.

                                                                                 Gipson Finch
                                                                                 Born June 16, 1849.


"History of The Formation, Settlement & Development 
                                                                     Of Hamilton County" by Augustus Finch Shirts, 
                                                                     copyright 1901
                                                                     Hamilton County History & Genealogy
                                                                     History Of Durbin Elementary School

                                                                3. John Finch Jr. (1793 - abt.1829?)
                                                                    Born June 18, 1793.
                                                                    Was the first Physician in Hamilton County, Indiana.
                                                                    Married (1.) Eliza Copeland.
                                                                    Married (2.) Eliza C. Irvin on November 20, 1823 in
                                                                    Wayne County, Indiana.  The wedding ceremony was 
                                                                    performed by John's father, Judge John Finch Sr.  
                                                                    Eliza Irvin died when their first child (a son) was 2 or 3 
                                                                    years old.
                                                                    Married (3.) ? John Finch married a third time,
                                                                    though his wife's name is yet unknown.
                                                                    John Finch Jr. died in Hamilton County, IN,
                                                                    prior to the 1830 census.
                                                                    John is named as an heir in father, John Finch's will - 
                                                                    drawn January 26, 1841 (probated Jan. 12, 1850), 
                                                                    though sources indicate that he died sometime before 
                                                                    his father (?).  

                                                                    Children of John Finch and Eliza Irwin:

                                                                                George Finch
                                                                                Born (abt.1824?)
                                                                                Per letter from James Gardner Finch, to cousin, 
                                                                                Benoni W. Finch:  "When George the son was 
                                                                                about 8 or 10, his father died and they bound 
                                                                                him out to a man named Beckwith.  When he 
                                                                                (George) was about 16 or 18 he  disappeared.  
                                                                                I went over to a son of Jubal's to see if he 
                                                                                knew anything of George.  He said no; He said 
                                                                                he went to Beckwith's once and stayed with 
                                                                                George all night, and during the time he was 
                                                                                there, George told him that Beckwith didn't 
                                                                                treat him right, and he intended to leave and 
                                                                                that no one that knew him should ever know 
                                                                                where he was. "A threat well kept" he said, 
                                                                                 for no one ever heard of him since.  A great-
                                                                                 grandson of uncle John's was down about 
                                                                                 Shawnee town a few years ago and found some 
                                                                                 Finches there that knew nothing about their 
                                                                                 ancestors.  Their father would never tell them 
                                                                                 anything about his folks."
                                                                                 [Note: Above "Beckwith"  may have been, 
                                                                                 Mr. Waren Beckwith, or Mr. Zenas Beckwith.  
                                                                                 See: 1830 Hamilton County census records.] 
                                                                4. Cyrus Finch (1794-?)
                                                                    Born July 12, 1794. 
Admitted to the bar as Licensed Attorney in
                                                                    Hamilton County - April 1824.
                                                                    Married Theresa A. Booker on August 16, 1821 in
                                                                    Wayne County, Indiana.
                                                                    Cyrus is named as an heir in father, John Finch's will - 
                                                                    drawn January 26, 1841 (probated Jan. 12, 1850).
                                                                    Cyrus Finch is said to have died at a young age. 
                                                                    "History of The Formation, Settlement & Development 
                                                                     Of Hamilton County"   by Augustus Finch Shirts,  
                                                                     copyright 1901
                                                                    Hamilton County History & Genealogy 

                                                                5. Moses Finch (1796-?)
Born in July 1796.

                     Children Of Honorable ( VI ) John Finch and {second} wife, Jemima Overton 

                                                                6. Elizabeth Finch (1798-?)
                                                                    Born July 12, 1798
                                                                    Married William Davidson
                                                                    Named as an heir in father, John Finch's will - 
                                                                    drawn January 26, 1841 (probated Jan. 12, 1850).

                                                                7. Aaron Overton Finch (1799-early 1850s)
                                                                    Born December 25, 1799.
Died in the early 1850s.
Was a Carpenter.
Married Mary Waddle in Indiana, 1823 
                                                                    North Bend, Ohio 1816
                                                                    Connersville, Indiana 1819
                                                                    Noblesville, Indiana 1819
                                                                    "Crossed the White River at the mouth of Stoney Creek - 
                                                                    April 19,1819".
                                                                    Built the first two cabins on Horseshoe Prairie,
                                                                    Hamilton County, Indiana, one of them being
                                                                    for the family of his Uncle Solomon.  That cabin
                                                                    was later given to Aaron's father, John Finch,
                                                                    upon his arrival at Horseshoe Prairie. 
                                                                    Elected State Representative in Tippecanoe County, IN.,
                                                                    on August 1, 1831.
                                                                    Served as quartermaster in the Indiana militia in the1832 
                                                                    Black Hawk war,
                                                                    Aaron Overton Finch moved to Clay County, Illinois
                                                                    with his uncle, Solomon Finch in November 1939.
                                                                    Aaron O. Finch, and Mary (Waddle) Finch are buried
                                                                    in Foster Hill - Mt. Zion Cemetery, Clay County, Illinois.

                                                                    Children of Aaron Overton Finch and Mary Waddle:

                                                                             James Austin Finch
                                                                             Studied Medicine.
                                                                             Married Mary P. Griffith.
                                                                             Lived in Clay County, Illinois.
                                                                             James Austin Finch died in the early 1860s.
                                                                             Mary Griffith Finch died in 1898.

                                                                             Children of James A. and Mary Griffith Finch:

                                                                                             James Austin Finch Jr.
                                                                                             Was an attorney. 
                                                                                             Married Florence Brissanden. 
                                                                                             Elected to the office of Prosecuting Attorney 
                                                                                             of Clay county in 1876, and afterward moved
                                                                                             to Olney, Illinois, where he died in the 
                                                                                             summer of 1881. 

                                                                             Laura A. Finch
                                                                             Buried in Foster Hill - Mt. Zion Cemetery, 
                                                                             Clay County, Illinois.

                                                                             Fabius M. Finch
                                                                             Buried in Foster Hill - Mt. Zion Cemetery, 
                                                                             Clay County, Illinois.

                                                                             John Resen Finch (?-1879)
                                                                             Born in Indiana
                                                                             Died in 1879.
                                                                             Moved to Clay County, Illinois with his parents
                                                                             and lived his entire life on the farm purchased by 
                                                                             his family, upon settling there.
                                                                             Married Sarah Schooley.
                                                                             Married Rachel Schooley (sister of Sarah Schooley).
                                                                             Married Bathsheba Long Finch, widow of 
                                                                             Solomon Tompkins Finch on February 15, 1870.
                                                                             Bathsheba (Long) Finch died July 16, 1871, in
                                                                             Clay County, Illinois, when her youngest
                                                                             child, Martha Luella, was but five months old.
                                                                             John Resen Finch later married Sarah Warmath.
                                                                             John Resen Finch, Sarah (Schooley) Finch and
                                                                             Bathsheba (Long) Finch are buried in Foster Hill 
                                                                             Mt. Zion Cemetery, Clay County, Illinois.   

                                                                             Children of John Resen Finch and
Sarah Schooley:

Mary Matilda Finch
William Fabius Finch

                                                                             Children of John Resen Finch and Rachel Schooley:

                                                                                                                     Aaron Finch
                                                                                                                     Amy Finch

                                                                             Children of John Resin Finch and Bathsheba Long:

                                                                                                                     Martha Luella Finch
                                                                                                                    Born February 7 1871


                                                                    "History of The Formation, Settlement & Development 
                                                                     Of Hamilton County"   by Augustus Finch Shirts,  
                                                                    copyright 1901
                                                                    Indiana Historical Collections - (John) Tipton papers.
                                                                    Hamilton County History & Genealogy
                                                                    Tippecanoe County Historical Society  
                                                                    1909 Biographies - Richland, Clay and Marion 
                                                                    Counties, Illinois 

                  [Children Of Honorable ( VI ) John Finch and {second} wife Jemima Overton Continued] 

                                                                8. Sarah Finch (Twin) (1802-?)
Born March 7, 1802.
                                                                    Was the first school teacher in Noblesville, Indiana.
Married Dr. Amos Palmer.
                                                                    Amos Palmer was also a school teacher, and prior to 
                                                                    marrying Sarah Finch, Amos would stay weekends at 
                                                                    the home of Sarah's older brother, John, and on Sunday 
                                                                    evenings, would walk the 4 mile journey back to his log 
                                                                    schoolhouse in Strawtown,  On one occasion, Amos 
                                                                    Palmer was said to have set out from John Finch's home 
                                                                    later than usual and after dark, and along the way, was 
                                                                    attacked by a pack of hungry wolves.  Amos was able to 
                                                                    fend the wolves off with a large stick, and leapt to safety 
                                                                    within the lower branches of a tree, where he stayed most 
                                                                    of the night until the rifle blasts of  passing hunters scared
                                                                    the wolves away.
                                                                    Sarah is named as an heir in father, John Finch's will - 
                                                                    drawn January 26, 1841 (probated Jan. 12, 1850).

                                                                    Children of Sarah Finch and Amos Palmer:

                                                                                            Cornelia Palmer
                                                                                            Married (?) Briggs.
                                                                                            Lived in Dexter and Nevada, Iowa.

                                                                 "History of The Formation, Settlement & Development 
                                                                    Of Hamilton County" by Augustus Finch Shirts,  c.1901,
                                                                    and Amos P. Finch Notes of 1900.  

                                                                9. Margaret Finch (Twin) (1802-?)
Born March 7, 1802
                                                                    Married William P. Thompson.
                                                                    One of the (7) founders of the little log cabin Baptist 
                                                                    Church erected at Ninth & Cherry Street, Noblesville, 
                                                                    Indiana 1827.  Church & members later merged with
                                                                    [and in effect, became] the Christian Church.
                                                                    Margaret is named as an heir in father, John Finch's will - 
                                                                    drawn January 26, 1841 (probated Jan. 12, 1850).

                                                                         [Photo taken March, 2005]  
                                                                "History of The Formation, Settlement & Development 
                                                                    Of Hamilton County" by Augustus Finch Shirts,  
                                                                   copyright 1901 [pages 183 -185].

                                                             10. Laura Finch (1804-?)
                                                                   Born April 5, 1804
                                                                   Married William Watson Wick, Atty.  Aug. 20, 1820
                                                                   in Fayette County Indiana. (See record of marriage)
                                                                   William W. Wick was born Feb. 23, 1796 in Canonsburg,
                                                                   Pennsylvania and died May 19, 1868.  He is buried in 
                                                                   Greenlawn Cemetery - Franklin, Johnson County, IN.
                                                                   Per monument in Greenlawn Cemetery, William Wick came
                                                                   to Indiana in 1819 and was elected Clerk of the State House 
                                                                   of Representatives in 1820.  He was chosen the first Judge of 
                                                                   the New Purchase in 1822, was the first Judge to hold court
                                                                   in Indianapolis and held the first court in Johnson County, IN., 
                                                                   October 16, 1823 in John Smiley's cabin.  William Wick was 
                                                                   a Johnson County Circuit Judge intermittently until 1859, was 
                                                                   elected Secretary of State (1825-1829), served three terms 
                                                                   in the U.S. Congress, was an 1849 Presidential Elector and 
                                                                   Indianapolis Postmaster 1853-1857.  (See monument)   
                                                                   (Read Judge William Wick's sentencing of James Hudson in 
                                                                   the October 7-9, 1824 Fall Creek Massacre Trial)
                                                                   (Read Wick's Congressional Biography)
                                                                   (Read an excerpt regarding William W. Wick's character)


                 Children Of Honorable ( VI ) John Finch and {third} wife, Mehitable Brown Chapman

                                                                             Hiram Gregory Finch

                                                             11.  Hiram Gregory Finch (1807-1879)
                                                                    Born April 15, 1807
                                                                    Settled on "Horseshoe Prairie", 2 miles south of Noblesville.
                                                                    Said to have "chopped the logs for the construction of the
                                                                    second cabin in Noblesville, it being built for Dr. John Finch
                                                                    in 1824, near the 'elm trees' on the bank of the White River,
                                                                    just above Medical Spring".
                                                                    Married (1.) Mary Finch (a cousin). 
                                                                    Mary was the daughter of Solomon Finch and Rebecca 
                                                                    Gardner. She died December 23, 1839, and is buried in 
                                                                    Finch Cemetery, on the old John Finch farm, Hamilton 
                                                                    County, Indiana.  
                                                                    See: Finch Cemetery Records, Hamilton County, Indiana.
                                                                    Hiram married (2.) Maria A. Passwater, April 10, 1840.
                                                                    Maria Passwater was born Sept. 16, 1819 in Ohio. 
                                                                    1850 Hamilton County, Indiana census shows a Thomas 
                                                                    Patton 26 (carpenter), Elizabeth Patton 25, and Sarah 
                                                                    Passwater 17, also residing in the Hiram Finch household.
                                                                    1870 census indicates married daughter Alice Conner and
                                                                    granddaughter Julia Conner resided in the Hiram G. Finch 
                                                                    Hiram is named as an heir and Executor in father, John 
                                                                    Finch's will - drawn Jan. 26, 1841 (probated Jan. 12, 1850).
                                                                    Hiram G. Finch died May 10, 1879 (age 72)
                                                                    Maria Passwater Finch died Jan. 9, 1885 (age 64) 
Hiram Finch and Maria Passwater Finch are buried in 
                                                                    Riverside Cemetery - Noblesville, Hamilton County, IN.

                                                                    Children of Hiram Finch and 1.) Mary Finch: 

                                                                           Henry Clay Finch
                                                                           Born 1833, Hamilton County, Indiana.
                                                                           By the age of seventeen, was Farming with his 
                                                                           father in Wayne Township, Hamilton County, IN.

                                                                           Jubal Finch
                                                                           Born August 8, 1834, Hamilton County, Indiana
                                                                           Died August 12, 1838  Hamilton County, Indiana
                                                                           (age 3 yrs. 4 days)

                                                                           Infant Daughter (unnamed) 
                                                                           Born in Hamilton County, Indiana 
                                                                           (no date or age known)

                                                                     Children of Hiram Finch and 2.) Maria Passwater:

                                                                          Daniel B. Finch
                                                                          Born 1845
                                                                          Died (?)


                                                                     Alice Finch Conner - 1878
                                                                        [Last known photo ]

                                                                         Alice Finch
                                                                         Born January 25, 1847
                                                                         Married John Coggswell Conner (grandson of John 
                                                                         Conner) on Nov. 24, 1864 in Hamilton County, IN.
                                                                         John C. Conner was born October 14, 1842 in 
                                                                         Noblesville, Hamilton County, Indiana.  He attended 
                                                                         Noblesville public schools, Wabash College in 
                                                                         Crawfordsville, Indiana and was admitted to the 
                                                                         United States Navel Academy, Annapolis, MD.      
                                                                         John C. Conner was an officer in the 63rd Indiana
                                                                         Volunteer Infantry Co. F from Sept. 3, 1862 until 
                                                                         being honorably discharged as  first lieutenant on 
                                                                         June 20, 1864.  After being commissioned a captain
                                                                         in the forty-first Regiment, United States Infantry on
                                                                         July 28, 1866, John and Alice Finch Conner relocated 
                                                                         to Texas where John was elected as a Democrat to 
                                                                         Congress and served in the Forty- first and Forty-
                                                                         second sessions.  John C. Conner was the youngest 
                                                                         man in congress at the time.
                                                                         Due to failing health, John C. Connor was not a 
                                                                         candidate for re-nomination in 1872.  He died in 
                                                                         Washington D.C. on December 10, 1873 before
                                                                         finishing his second term (age 31)
                                                                         Per census records, Alice (Finch) Conner and
                                                                         daughter Julia were living with Alice's father Hiram 
                                                                         Finch in  Noblesville, Hamilton County, Indiana as 
                                                                         of June 1870 (before John C. Conner's death).  
                                                                         Perhaps Alice did not travel with her husband to 
                                                                         Washington D.C.(?)    
                                                                         Alice Finch died March 25, 1878 (age 31)  She and 
                                                                         John are buried in Old Cemetery, Noblesville, IN.

                                                                         Children of Alice Finch and John C. Conner:

Julia A. Finch Conner Thompson

                                                                                                  Julia Alice Finch Conner
                                                                                                  Born January 1, 1867 in Noblesville,
                                                                                                  Hamilton County, Indiana.
                                                                                                  Following the death of her parents, Julia 
                                                                                                  Conner was said to have lived with her 
                                                                                                  "beloved" uncle Fabius Maximus Finch
                                                                                                  though census records indicate she and 
                                                                                                  her sister, Helen resided with their uncle
                                                                                                  Frank Finch (mother's brother) in 1880.
                                                                                                  Cousin, John Allen Finch (attorney) was 
                                                                                                  said to have been Julia's guardian. 
                                                                                                  Married Charles Nebeker Thompson
                                                                                                  (attorney) in 1891.
                                                                                                  Lived at 1605 North Talbott Street
                                                                                                  Indianapolis, Indiana.
                                                                                                  Julia was a widely known Indianapolis 
                                                                                                  "Clubwoman".  She was a registrar in 
                                                                                                  Indiana for the National Society of Colonial 
                                                                                                  Dames of America.  She was a registrar and 
                                                                                                  former vice-regent of the Cornelia Cole
                                                                                                  Fairbanks chapter of the Daughters of the 
                                                                                                  American Revolution.  Julia was a member 
                                                                                                  and past president of the Fortnightly Literary 
                                                                                                  Club, a life member of the Society of Indiana 
                                                                                                  Pioneers and a member of the Board of 
                                                                                                  Indianapolis Free Kindergarten and 
                                                                                                  Children's Aid Society.  
                                                                                                  Julia  was also a devoted genealogist,