Phillips Family History
                                   Hendricks County, Indiana

The Phillips family roots run deep through the heart of Hendricks County, Indiana.  Able farmers of Quaker descent, these generations of Phillips have worked the land from Pennsylvania, to North Carolina, to the rolling pastures of the central Indiana.  The names listed below represent more than a mere accounting of simple country folk.  They are the imprints left behind of immigrants, and soldiers and pioneers.... men and women who worked hard to create a good life for their families, and communities, and who, by doing so, left us heirs to a rich and bountiful history. 

                        It is to each of those who came before, that this site is lovingly dedicated.          

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                                                             (I) George Phillips (?-1740)
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George Phillips immigrated to the United States, a servant of Henry Maddock of Manturch, Cheshire, England.  
Aboard the ship, Endeavor of London, he arrived at the Delaware River in Pennsylvania on January 23, 1683.  
Following his apprenticeship (abt. 1699), George Phillips married Patience Griffith, daughter of Howell Griffith, 
and sister to Abraham Griffith.   

Of English Friends faith, George and his bride selected their first residence within the boundaries of Abington and 
Gwynedd Monthly Meetings.  On June 25, 1712, George purchased 300 acres in the Manor of Richland, PA., 
a tract adjacent to one purchased by his brother-in-law.   In 1713, George Phillips, his wife Patience and 
brother-in-law Abraham Griffith, relocated to their respective properties in Richland, Bucks County Pennsylvania ,
where they were recorded as being among the area's earliest settlers.

George and Patience Phillips later purchased additional property, including tracts in Richland, Pennsylvania, 
Milford Township, and along Skippack Creek in Province Township, Pennsylvania (Now Montgomery County).

George Phillips and Patience (Griffith) Phillips had nine children, and their births are recorded at Gwynned.

George Phillips Died in September 1740.  His will was dated Sept. 12, 1740, and Probated Dec. 29, 1740. 

Children of George Phillips and Patience (Griffith) Phillips:

                                                            1. Susanna Phillips (1700-?)

                                                            2. John Phillips (1702-abt. 1762)
                                                                Born September 12, 1702.
                                                                Married Deborah Britton
                                                                Died abt. 1762

                                                             3. Edmund Phillips (1704-1775)
                                                                Born September 16, 1704.
                                                                Married Elizabeth Davies.
                                                                Died in October 1775.

                                                            4. (II) George Phillips Jr. (1706-?) (see history below)

                                                            5. Diana Phillips (1709-1785)
                                                                Born May 20, 1709.
                                                                Married Henry Bryan.
                                                                Died March 1785.

                                                            6. Abraham Phillips (1714-?)
                                                                Born July 19, 1714.
                                                                Probably unmarried, and continued to live
                                                                at home until his death.  (See abstract of father's will).

                                                            7. Mary Phillips (1717-?)
                                                                Born December 1, 1717.

                                                            8. Rebecca Phillips (1720-?)
                                                                Born September 14, 1720.
                                                                Noted as still living with her mother in 1745.

                                                            9. Lydia Phillips (1722-?)
                                                                Born November 11, 1722.
                                                                Married Leonard Thomas.

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(II) George Phillips Jr.
(1706-abt. 1756)
Born October 5, 1706.
Moved with his parents to Richland, PA., when still a child.
           Was a farmer.
Married Alice Fairman at Christ Church in Philadelphia, PA., on July 3, 1727.
           In 1740 George Phillips Jr. purchased a plantation in Milford Township, 
           Bucks, Pennsylvania, where he lived until his death.
           In 1751 William also purchased a 125 acre tract in Richland, near the 
           Meeting House, which his widow sold to Mr. John Foulk December 17, 1754.
           George Phillips Jr. died abt. 1754.
           Alice Fairman Phillips, a tailoress, lived the last 40 years of her life in a tenement
           near Trumbaursville, PA., which was given to her by her son, Joseph Phillips.
           Her will was dated August 10, 1806, and bequeathed her estate to daughter,
           Alice for the duration of her life, then to Samuel Walton, who was the son of her
           nephew, Moses Walton.

           Children of George Phillips Jr. and Alice Fairman:

                            1. Joseph Phillips (abt. 1730-1791)
                                Born abt. 1730.
                                Was a Blacksmith.
                                Was a farmer.
                                Married Mercy Walton.
                                Bought his father's 132 acre tract in Milford Township, PA.
                                at a sheriff's sale on march 11, 1756.  This purchase likely
                                included the Trumbauersville property, which he later gave
                                to his mother. 
                                Joseph Phillips died in 1791, having named his brother-in-law, 
                                Joseph Walton, executor of his will.

                            2. David Phillips (?-?)
                                Was a Mason in Milford Township, PA.

                            3. Rebecca Phillips (?-?)
                                Married Samuel Walton.

                            4. George Phillips III (?-1800)
                                Born ?
                                Married Catharine (?), who was disowned by the Gwynned Monthly Meeting
                                for marriage out of unity. 
                                George Phillips III died in June of 1800.

                           5.  (III) John Phillips (abt.1738 - bef. 1792) (see history below)

                           6.  Ann Phillips (?-?)
                                Never married..
                                Appeared to have lived at home her entire life.      

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                                        (III) John Phillips (abt.1738-bef. 1792) 
Born about 1738 in Milford Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania.
                                                    Married Ann Haisley, daughter of George and Sarah Haisley.
                                                    Moved from Quakertown, Bucks County, PA., to Stokes 
                                                    County, North Carolina, around 1789.
                                                    John Phillips died before 1792.
                                                    Ann (Haisley) Phillips died in Yadkin County, N.C., in 1832

                                                    Children of John Phillips and Ann (Haisley) Phillips:

                                                           1.  (IV) John Samuel Phillips (1775-1875) (see history below)
   2.  David Phillips (1781-1840)
Born in 1781.
                                                                Married 1.) Sarah Pike, daughter of Nathan Pike 
                                                                and Elizabeth Williams.
                                                                Sarah Pike was born in 1780 and died in 1823.
                                                                David Phillips later married 2.) Chatharina Seiz.
                                                                Catharina Seiz was born 1782, and died in 1862.
                                                                David Phillips died in 1840.

 3.   Charity Ann (Nancy) Phillips (1786-?)
Born in 1786.
                                                                Married John Mendenhall.

                                                          4.   John Phillips (abt. 1788-?)
Born abt. 1788.

  5.   Joseph Phillips (abt. 1790-?)
Born abt. 1790.

6.   Mary Phillips (abt. 1792)
                                                                Born abt. 1792.

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 (IV) John Samuel Phillips (1775-?)  
Lived at one time in North Carolina
Married Salome Sarah (Sally) Sides
      Salome Sarah (Sally) Sides was born in 1775, and died in 1857. 
      The couple had eleven children, but one set of twins died at birth.
      Moved to Wayne County, Indiana after the birth of their children.
      John Samuel Phillips died in Wayne County, IN., not long after relocating there. 

      Children of John Samuel Phillips and Salome Sarah Sides:

    1.  Phillipina (Phoebe) Phillips (1792-1876)
         Born in 1792.
         Married John Hine, son of Frederick Hine and Elizabeth Eva Volger.
         John Hine was born in 1792 and died in 1845.
         Phillipina (Phoebe) Phillips died in 1876.

    2.   Samuel Phillips (twin) (1795-1795)
          Died at birth.

    3.   Salome Phillips (twin) (1795-1795)
          Died at birth.

     4.   Susanna Phillips (1797-1874)
          Born in 1797
          Married Christian Tesh.
          Christian Tesh was born 1796, and died 1869.
          Susanna Phillips died  in 1874.

    5.   Cathrine (Katie) Phillips (1799)
Born in 1799
          Married Anthony Cosner.

    6.   Johann (John) Phillips (1802-?)
Born near Salem, North Carolina.
          Married Mary Thomas.
          Mary Thomas was born 1809.
          September 9, 1837 transferred from Dover Monthly Meeting
          to Mill Creek Monthly Meeting.
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          Children of John Phillips and Mary Thomas: 

                                     Sarah Ann Phillips
                                     Born December 6, 1828

                                     Sophia Phillips
                                     Born October 9, 1830
                                     Died November 13, 1841 (age11)
                                     Buried at Spring Friends Cemetery,
                                     Clay Township, Hendricks County, Indiana
                                     Row 4, 

                                     Joel Phillips
                                     Born January 30, 1832.
                                     Married Anna Jane Baldwin, daughter of Lindsay and Mary Baldwin
                                     who were members of the Back Creek Meeting.

                                     Children of Joel and Anna Baldwin Phillips:

                                                                             Luella Isabell Phillips
                                                                             Born March 29, 1857.

                                                                             Electa Ethleen Phillips
                                                                             Born June 15, 1859.

                                                                             Emma Phillips
                                                                             Born November 2, 1861.

                                                                             Jane Phillips
                                                                             Born February 22, 1867.
                                                                             Died August 17, 1869 (age 2).
                                                                             Buried at West Branch Meeting House.

                                                                             Jennie Phillips
                                                                             Born July 2, 1869.


           [ Children of John Phillips and Mary Thomas continued:]

                                     Lucy Phillips
                                     Born October 24, 1833

                                     Jane Phillips
                                     Born October 22, 1835

                                     Arcadia Phillips
                                     Born December 10, 1837     

Josiah Phillips
Born September 23, 1839
                                     (Civil War Soldier)
                                     Served in the Indiana 54th Infantry (with cousin, Israel Phillips).
                                      per National Parks Service Civil War database.
                                     Was disowned by the Mill Creek Friends Meeting, for his participation in the war.
                                     Buried at Spring Friends Cemetery, Clay Township, 
                                     Hendricks County, Indiana. 
                                     See: "Indiana Quakers Confront The Civil War"
                                     by Jacquelyn S. Nelson
                                     c. 1991, Indiana Historical Society - Indianapolis.
                                     Pages 201 - 202. (Text lists service under the 78th Ind. Inf.)

                                     Emeline Phillips
                                     Born March 14, 1842

                                     Daniel Phillips
                                     Born February 1, 1844

                                     Mary Phillips
                                     Born June 25, 1846

                                     John Calvin Phillips
                                     Born June 30, 1849

                                     Martha Caroline Phillips
                                     Born April 15, 1851 


    [Children of John Samuel Phillips and Salome Sarah Sides, continued:]

    7.   (V) Eli Phillips (1805-1864?)  (Twin?) (see history below)  
[Note: Other sources list as "John Eli Phillips"]
 8.   Levi Phillips (1805-?)
          [Note: Other sources list as "Johann Levi Phillips"]
Born in 1805.
Married 1.) Elizabeth Lanius, who was born in 1803.
          Married 2.) Mary Masten.

    9.   Samuel Phillips (1808-1880)
          Born in 1808.
          Married Rachel Newman on May 28, 1839 in Hendricks County, Indiana.
          Rachel Newman, the daughter of John Newman and Elizabeth Lacey, 
          was born  in1818 and died in 1901.
          Samuel Phillips died in 1880.

  10.   Anna Phillips (1811-1875)
          Born 1811.
          Married Jacob Smith.
          Jacob Smith was born 1806, and died 1882.
          Anna Phillips died in 1875.

  11.   Sallie (Sarah) Phillips (1815-?)
          [Note: Other sources list as "Salome (Sarah) Phillips"]
          Born in 1815.
          Married Elisa Grimes August 14, 1843, In Hendricks County, Indiana.
          Elisa Grimes was the son of John Grimes and Mary Pike.
          Elias Grimes died in 1906

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                         (V) Eli Phillips Sr.
(1805-1881)  [Note: Other sources list as "John Eli Phillips"]
                            Born February 2, 1805 in Guilford County, North Carolina. (Twin?)
                               Moved to Clay Township, Hendricks County, Indiana in 1834,
                               where he bought 160 acres of woods, which he cleared for farmland.
Noted as being a respected "Pioneer Citizen" of Hendricks County, Indiana.
Married Margaret "Peggie" Cosner, daughter of John and Abigail (Pike) Cosner.)
                               Peggy Cosner was born May 21, 1814.
                               Eli and Peggie (Cosner) Phillips were Republicans and  members of the
                               Friends Church.
                               Eli Phillips Sr. died January 1, 1881, in Hendricks County, Indiana (age 75)
                               Peggy Cosner Phillips died July 31, 1900 in Hendricks County, Indiana (age 86).
                               Eli and Peggy Phillips are buried in Spring Friends Cemetery, Clay Township,
                               Hendricks County, Indiana.  Row 1, Lots (t) & (u).
                               (See "A Protrait and Biographical Record of Hendricks County"
                               c. 1895.  p. 991-992
                               Children of Eli Phillips and Peggy Cosner: (All born in Hendricks County, Indiana)

                                           1.  Calvin Phillips (1835-1841)
                                                Born in January 8, 1835.
                                                Died December 31, 1841 in Hendricks County, Indiana 
                                                (age 6y 11 mo. 23 d.)
Calvin Phillips is buried in Spring Friends Cemetery, Clay Township,
                                                Hendricks County, Indiana.  Row 4, Lot (n). 

                                           2.  (VI) William Wesley Phillips (1837-1902) (see history below)
                                             (Civil War Soldier) 

       3.  Eli Phillips (Twin) (1838-1863)
                                                Born April 9, 1838.
                                                (Civil War Soldier)
                                                Served nearly 3 years in the 51st Indiana Infantry, Company C.
                                                Fought at Shiloh, and also Perryville, Oct. 8th 1862.
                                                Killed at Stone's River Jan 1, 1863 (age 24).
                                                Roll Of Honor indicates "original interment at Nashville.
                                                Final burial place: Spring Friends Cemetery Clay Township, 
                                                Hendricks County Indiana. Row 9 Lot (f).
                                                Note: Mill Creek Friends Abstract records indicate a date of 
                                                February 5, 1863, which may represent the date of final interment
                                                in Spring Friends Cemetery. (?)  
                                                See: "History of the 51st Indiana Veteran Volunteer Infantry",
                                                by William R Hartpence, Seargent Major.  
                                                c. 1894 pages #96-111 and #373.)
                                                "Indiana Quakers Confront The Civil War"
                                                by Jacquelyn S. Nelson
                                                c. 1991, Indiana Historical Society - Indianapolis.
                                                Pages 201 - 202.

                                           4.  Levi Phillips (Twin) (1838-1838)
                                                Born April 9, 1838.
                                                Died August 18, 1838 (age 4 months, 10 d.)
Buried in Spring Friends Cemetery, Clay Township,
Hendricks County, Indiana.  Row 4, Lot (e).

5.  Israel Phillips (1840-1862)
                                                Born October 14, 1840. 
                                                (Civil War Soldier)
                                                Served in the Indiana 54th Infantry, (with cousin, Josiah Phillips),
                                                per National Parks Service Civil War database.
                                             Mustered out October 4, 1862.
                                                Died October 18, 1862.
Buried in Spring Friends Cemetery, Clay Township,
Hendricks County, Indiana.  Row 9, Lot (e).
                                                See: "Indiana Quakers Confront The Civil War"
                                                by Jacquelyn S. Nelson
                                                c. 1991, Indiana Historical Society - Indianapolis.
                                                Pages 201 - 202. (Text lists service under the 78th Ind. Inf.)

  6.  Parmelia Phillips (1842-?)
Born December 26, 1842.
Married Bennett Osborn on March 24, 1864 in Hendricks County, 
                                                 Indiana. [County records list spouse as William Osborn].

   7.  Abigail Phillips (1847-?)
                                                 Born January 10, 1847.  
                                                 Married William DeMoss on April 10, 1864 in Hendricks County,

                                            8.  Sally Phillips (1848-1851)
                                                 Born November 28, 1848.
                                                 Died August 9, 1851 (age 2 yrs. 8 mo. 11 d.)
Buried in Spring Friends Cemetery, Clay Township,
Hendricks County, Indiana.  Row 4, Lot (g).                                         

                                            9.  Phoebe (Peggie) Phillips (1851-?)
Born October 16, 1851.
                                                 Married William Beason (Beeson) on April 10, 1864 in Hendricks County,
10.  Jane Phillips (1853-?)
Born October 20, 1853.
                                                 Married John Walls (Wall?) on May 9, 1881 in Hendricks County

   11.  Arcadia Phillips (1858-1906)
                                                 Born April 30, 1858.
                                                 Married Harvey C. Summers DVM. on September 18, 1879 in Hendricks
                                                 County, Indiana.
                                                 Arcadia Phillips died in 1906.
                                          12.  Flora Phillips (?) 
Married Jonathan Newman.

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                                                             (VI) William Wesley Phillips
                                                                 Born January 2, 1837, on his father's farm in
                                                                     Hendricks County, Indiana.
                                                                     William was reared among the county's pioneers,
                                                                     and received his education at the "old log school-house".
                                                                     Like his father, William Wesley Phillips was a farmer.
                                                                     He enlisted in the Civil War February 7, 1865 (age 28)
                                                                     at Indianapolis, served seven months in the 148th Indiana
                                                                     Infantry, Company B, and was honorably discharged
                                                                     Sept. 5, 1865 at Nashville, TN.
                                                                     Was disowned by the Mill Creek Friends Meeting for his 
                                                                     participation in the war.
                                                                     While on active duty, he served at Nashville and Fort
                                                                     Pulaski, and performed guard duty at other points.
                                                                     William Phillips, without an issued uniform overcoat,
                                                                     contracted rheumatism from sleeping on the damp
                                                                     ground at Camp Connington, Indianapolis.  While known
                                                                     for being an "active man", William's Rheumatism later left
                                                                     him dependent upon crutches, and eventually completely
                                                                     disabled.  It was for this disability that he received a $30
                                                                     monthly military pension.
                                                                     Following the war, on march 17, 1867, William married
                                                                     Sarah Frances Henderson in Clinton County, Indiana.
                                                                     Sarah was born February 22, 1849, and was the daughter
                                                                     of William and Mourning (Ballard) Henderson of Posey 
                                                                     County, Indiana.  Sarah's had one sibling, a brother, 
                                                                     James Henderson , who was a student of Amo High 
                                                                     school, and later became a well respected Physician.  
                                                                     Approximately one year after their marriage, William and
                                                                     Sarah Phillips purchased an 80 acre farm in Hendricks
                                                                     County, Indiana.
                                                                     William was a member of the G.A.R.,  Reuben Masten Post
                                                                     #431, at Amo, Indiana. (Grand Army of the Republic:
                                                                     Son's of Union Veterans of the Civil War).
                                                                     William and Sarah where Republicans, and members of
                                                                     the Progressive Friends Church, where they both were
                                                                     overseers of meetings.
                                                                     William Phillips died December 12, 1902. and is buried at
                                                                     Spring Friends Cemetery, Clay Township (age65)
                                                                     Hendricks County, Indiana.
                                                                     Sarah Henderson Phillips died March 18, 1914  in 
                                                                     Amo, Hendricks County, Indiana (age65).
                                                                     William Phillips and Sarah Francis (Henderson) Phillips
                                                                     are buried in Spring Friends Cemetery, Clay Township, 
                                                                     Hendricks County, Indiana.  Row 4, Lot (a).
                                                                     See: "Indiana Quakers Confront The Civil War"
                                                                     by Jacquelyn S. Nelson
                                                                     c. 1991, Indiana Historical Society - Indianapolis.
                                                                     Pages 201 - 202.
                                                                     Children of William and Sarah Phillips:

                                                                         1.  Israel A. Phillips (1868-?)
Born march 26, 1868.

  2.  Ella Mae Phillips (1869-abt. 1894)
        Born August 22, 1869.
                                                                              Married Allen E. Osborn on January 1, 1890
                                                                              in Hendricks County, Indiana.
                                                                              Died abt. 1894. (age 25).

3.  Maggie Frances Phillips (1872-?)
Born June 26, 1872.
                                                                              Married William O. Hunt on Feb. 16, 1896
                                                                              in Hendricks County, Indiana.

 4.  Emma Eunice Phillips (1874-1962)
Born in December 9, 1874 in Amo, 
                                                                              Hendricks County, Indiana.
Never married.
                                                                              Graduated Central Normal College in
                                                                              Danville, Indiana, and was a teacher in
                                                                              the Amo, Indiana Schools for many years.
                                                                              Emma Phillips was involved in the grocery
                                                                              business at Amo, Noblesville and Greenfield, 
                                                                              IN., and was also employed at the Amo and 
                                                                              Stillesville, Indiana banks. 
                                                                              Emma Phillips died February 13, 1962, (age 87)
                                                                              at the Golden Rule Nursing Home in
                                                                              Danville, Hendricks County, Indiana, where 
                                                                              she had been a patient for some time.
                                                                              Her funeral services were held at the Amo
                                                                              Friends Church, (Rev. Shirley Brown officiating),
                                                                              and she was buried in the Amo Cemetery.

 5.  Bertha P. Phillips (?-?)
Married David M. Runnells on November 16, 1902
                                                                              in Hendricks County, Indiana.

 6.  James W. Phillips (?-?)

7.   (VII) Eber Eli Phillips (1882-1957) (see history below)

  8.  Leonard Wayne Phillips (?-?)
Married Ethyl Greenlee on September 16, 1906
                                                                               in Hendricks County, Indiana.

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(VII) Eber Eli Phillips (1882-1957)
Born September 16, 1882 in Amo, Indiana.
Was a life long resident of the Amo and Hadley, IN. communities.
          Married Flora Pursell.
          Flora Pursell was born August 14, 1886, the daughter of 
          Phineas Pursell and Elma Cosner. (Elma's parents were William Cosner and Sarah Hines).
          Flora (Pursell) Phillips died at her home, November 11, 1953 (age 67).
          Funeral services were held at Powell Funeral Home, Coatesville, IN.,
          (Edgar Byrum, officiating). Flora (Pursell) Phillips was buried in Amo Cemetery.
          Eber Eli Phillips died in Methodist Hospital, November 23, 1957 (age 75).
          Cause of death: pneumonia. 
          Funeral services were held at Powell Funeral Home, Coatesville, IN.,
          (Edgar Byrum, officiating). 
          Eber Eli Phillips was buried in Amo Cemetery.

          Children of Eber Eli Phillips and Flora Pursell:


                            1.  (VIII) Sarah Frances Phillips (1915-1999) (see history below)

                            2.  Wendell Phillips (1917-?)
Born January 16, 1917.
                                 Was a farmer.
                                 Never married.
                                 Died at Cardinal Healthcare Facility, Danville, Indiana.                           
 3.  Mary Phillips (1918-?)                                                                                
Born February 12, 1918.
Married Marion Bartley.

Children of Mary Phillips and Marion Bartley:

                                                                Betty Jo Bartley

  4.  Harry Eli Phillips (1920-?)
Born January 26, 1920.
Married Mary Gibbs.

Children of Harry Eli Phillips and Mary Gibbs:

                                                                Daniel Joseph

5.  Richard James Phillips (1921-?)
Born December 31, 1921.
Never married.
Was a farmer.
Cared for his brother Wendell, until his (Richard's) death.

 6.  Barbara June Phillips (?-?)
Died in infancy.
7.  Donald W. Phillips (1925-2004)
                                 Born March 16, 1925.
                                 Married 1.) Janice Morphew (divorced).
                                 Married 2.) Alberta (?)
                                 Alberta had two sons from a previous marriage, Timothy and Richard,
                                 who were adopted by Donald W. Phillips.
                                 Donald W. Phillips died May 9, 2004, and is buried in 
                                 Amo Cemetery, Amo, Indiana.

                                 Children of Donald W. Phillips and Janice Morphew:

                                                                John Phillips
                                                                Penny Phillips
                                                                Vickie Phillips
                                                                David Phillips
                                                                Eric Phillips
                                                                Mark Phillips

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                 William and Sarah (Hines) Cosner                    Phineus and Elma (Cosner) Pursell 
                          Parents of Elma Cosner                                                Parents of Flora Purcell

                                        Flora Pursell                                                   Flora Pursell
                                    Mother of Sarah Phillips                                                  Mother of Sarah Phillips 

Wendell Phillips                                          Donald Phillips

                                         Sarah Frances Phillips

                       (VIII) Sarah Frances Phillips
Born 1915 in Hendricks County, Indiana.
                                Died 1999 in Danville, Hendricks County, Indiana.
                                Married Wayne Plunkett in 1936, son of Alva Cecil Plunkett and Golda Dowdy.
                                Wayne Plunkett was born January 23, 1914 on the family farm in 
                                North Salem, Eel River Twp, Hendricks County, Indiana, and died 
                                June 13, 1982 in Hendricks County Hospital, Danville, Indiana (age 68).
                                Sarah (Phillips) and Wayne Plunkett were farmers in Danville, Indiana.
                                And are buried in New Winchester Cemetery, New Winchester, IN. 

                                Children of Sarah (Phillips) and Wayne Plunkett:

                                       1.  (IX) Joy Jean Plunkett (see history below)

  2Beverly Beth Plunkett
Married William Wayne Harmless (divorced).

                                            Children of Beverly Plunkett and W. Wayne Harmless: 

                                                                    Teresa Jayne Harmless
                                                                    Lee Ann Harmless
                                                                    Kristopher Wayne Harmless

 3.  Bennie Allen Plunkett
Died shortly after birth. 

                                       4.  Darrel Leon Plunkett
Married Linda Sturm.

                                            Children of Darrel Plunkett and Linda Sturm:

                                                                    Jeffrey Allen Plunkett
                                                                    Jason Lee Plunkett

 5.  Dixie Lou Plunkett
  Married Wintfard J. White Jr.

                                            Children of Dixie Plunkett and Wintfard White:

Rebekah Erin White
                                                                    Anthony James White

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                                                        (IX) Joy Jean Plunkett
Born in Hendricks County, Indiana.
                                                                    Married Leonard Glenn Johnston.
                                                                    L. Glenn Johnston was born in Mahaffey, Pa, 
                                                                    in his grandparent's home, and is the son of
                                                                    Donald Graydon Johnston and Vivian Johnson.

                                                                    Children of Joy Jean Plunkett and L. Glenn Johnston:

                                                                           1.  Glenn Wayne Johnston
Born in Greencastle, Putnam County, IN.
                                                                                Married 1.) Martina Marie White (divorced).
                                                                                Married 2.) Brenda Lydick (divorced).
                                                                                Married 3.) Angela Short. 

                                                                                Children of Glenn Wayne Johnston and Martina White:

                                                                                                        Glenn Wayne Johnston Jr.
                                                                                                     Born in Danville, Hendricks County, IN.
                                                                                                        Married Beverly Spiegel.

                                                                                                        Suzi Brooke Johnston
Born in Danville, Hendricks County, IN.
Married David Elza.

                                                                                                        Children of Suzi Johnston and David Elza:

                                                                                                                           Ciarah Macy Elza
                                                                                                                           Brielle Elza 

 2.  Julie Ann Johnston
Born in Greencastle, Putnam County, IN.
Married 1.) Paul Rexford Hammersley III (divorced).
Married 2.) David Dumser.

Children of Julie Johnston and P. Rex Hammersly:

                                                                                                        Sarah Elizabeth Hammersley
                                                                                                        Samuel Alexander Hammersley

3.  (X) Donald Gregory Johnston Sr. (see history below)


    (X) Donald Gregory Johnston

               Born in Greencastle, Putnam County, Indiana 
               Married 1.) Laura Lynn Stewart in Danville, Indiana (Divorced).
               Married 2.) Lydia Finch in Indianapolis, Indiana.

               Children of Donald Gregory Johnston and Laura Stewart

    1. Donald Gregory Johnston Jr.
Born in Danville, Hendricks County, Indiana.

                              Children of Donald Gregory Johnston Jr. and Stacey Porter:

                                                                Sheldan Christopher Davis
Born "Sheldan Christopher Johnston", in Danville, 
                                                                Hendricks County, Indiana.
                                                                (Adopted by step-father, Michael Davis.)

  2. Matthew Michael Johnston
Born in Danville, Hendricks County, Indiana.
                              Married Holly Browning (divorced).


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